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Saturday 29 September 2012

TV: Karen Gillan Interview 9/27/2012 - CONAN on TBS

TV: New Girl 2x03 Promo "Fluffer"

TV: The Mindy Project 1x02 Promo "Hiring and Firing"

TV: Ben and Kate Bad 1x03 Promo "Bad Cop/Bad Cop"

TV: Fringe 5x02 Promo "In Absentia"

TV: Grimm 2x06 Promo "Over My Dead Body"

Gaming: Starhawk Multiplayer Survival Guide - Build & Battle

The key to any great Starhawk captain is mastering the build and battle system, it is your key to victory! Once you've mastered, jump into our $20,000 Starhawk MLG Tournament right now- http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/starhawk/

Play Starhawk your way now with 3 new versions available on the Playstation Network, including: The Solo Campaign, Multiplayer Edition, or the Complete Starhawk Retail Release.

TV: Blue Bloods 3x02 Promo "Domestic Disturbance"

TV: Dexter/Homeland "The Wait Is Over" Promo

The wait is over - Dexter Season 7 premieres Sunday September 30th at 9PM followed by Homeland Season 2 at 10PM. Are you excited for these shows to return?

Friday 28 September 2012

TV: Doctor Who: 'The Angels Take Manhattan' teaser two

The three friends share some carefree moments in New York. What could possibly go wrong?

Gaming: Soul Sacrifice - Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Prepare yourself for a brutal combat experience where every decision made will have consequential results. Take on the role of a slave who stumbles upon a forbidden book that allows its readers to relive epic battles between sorcerers and monsters of the past. In order to use the magic during fierce battles, the player must be willing to make a sacrifice in exchange -- ranging from personal belongings, a limb, or even a life.

Gaming: God of War Top 5 Epic Moments - Kratos vs Hercules

To celebrate the new God of War: Saga, we asked God of War Facebook fans to determine the Top 5 God of War Epic Moments of All-Time in the history of the storied franchise.

TV: Two And A Half Men Season 10 - Behind The Scenes

TV: The Walking Dead Season 3 "Returns October 14th" Promo

The Walking Dead Season 3 premieres Sunday October 14th on AMC!

Gaming: New Little King's Story Launch Trailer

TV: Grey's Anatomy 9x01 Promo #3 "Going Going Gone"

TV: Chicago Fire (NBC) "Action" Promo

Chicago Fire premieres October 10th on NBC.

TV: Revenge Season 2 Promo #4

TV: Glee 4x04 Promo "The Break Up"

Gaming: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Tokyo Game Show Trailer

During this year's Tokyo Game Show, we got hands-on time with the latest Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance playable demo and spoke with three members of Platinum Games (Kenji Saito, Yuji Korekado, and Atsushi Inaba). Our conversation touched on Revengeance's long, twisted development process, a new philosophy towards boss encounters, gameplay mechanics, and much more.


TV: Grey's Anatomy 9x02 Promo "Remember the Time"

TV: Person of Interest 2x02 Promo "Bad Code"

TV: Scandal 2x02 Promo "The Other Woman"

TV: Elementary 1x02 Promo "While You Were Sleeping"

Thursday 27 September 2012

TV: Fringe Season 5 Teaser: Wanted - Walter Bishop

Walter Bishop is a wanted man when the fifth and final season of Fringe premieres Friday September 28th on FOX.

TV: The Return of River Song - Doctor Who: 'The Angels Take Manhattan'

The Angels Take Manhattan: River returns in style and the Lonely Assassins are back!

Gaming: Xbox Summer of Arcade

Gaming: Starhawk Multiplayer Survival Guide - Mancaked!

TV: Fringe Season 5 Cast Interviews

Fringe Season 5 cast interviews with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Georgina Haig. Tune into the season premiere on September 28th!

TV: Law and Order SVU 14x02 Promo "Above Suspicion"

TV: CSI 13x02 Promo "Code Blue Plate Special"

TV: Castle 5x02 Sneak Peeks

Competition: Win Nikita season 2, The Mentalist season 4, Hart of Dixie season 1 and Alcatraz - The Complete Series

We have got a bumper competition for one lucky winner who will walk away with Nikita season 2, The Mentalist season 4, Hart of Dixie season 1 and Alcatraz - The Complete Series all on DVD!

Information on each release:

Nikita season 2 on DVD October 1st. 

In season one of this sexy and suspenseful series featuring international action star Maggie Q in the title role, the charming and deadly Nikita waged a war against Division, the agency that created her. Michael -- the man who trained her, a man she trusted -- was hunting her. But Nikita had an ace up her sleeve: Alex, a girl she trained to infiltrate this secret unit of the government. At the end of season one, Nikita and Alex's relationship has been shattered, and Nikita and Michael's relationship has been restored. Now, Nikita and Michael are on the run with a hard drive containing the government's darkest secrets and conspiracies. Together, they are going to right the wrongs that Division has committed over the years, one mission at a time. But leading the hunt for them this time is Alex ... and she knows all of Nikita's tricks.

The Mentalist season 4 out on DVD October 8th

Golden Globe and Emmy® Award nominee Simon Baker stars as PATRICK JANE, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation and psychological manipulation. Notorious for his lack of protocol and past as a former psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned, Jane's role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents. However, no-nonsense Senior Agent TERESA LISBON alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane's usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries. Lisbon's team includes agents KIMBALL CHO, WAYNE RIGSBY and GRACE VAN PELT, who all think Jane's a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

Hart of Dixie season 1 out on DVD October 8th

Rachel Bilson (The O.C., Chuck, How I Met Your Mother) leads a stellar ensemble cast in this fish-out-of-water comedic TV drama about small-town living, big-city attitudes and complicated love triangles .

If Zoe (Bilson) wants to get the fellowship next year, she's going to have to take a job as a general practitioner. So, this lifelong New Yorker takes a chance on an offer by a mysterious admirer -- a southern country doctor -- packs her bags, slips on her stilettos and leaves Manhattan for the lovely little town of BlueBell, Alabama, where the neighbours take care of one another, the mailman knows your name, there's a parade every Tuesday ... and no one has ever seen the likes of Zoe Hart. Zoe feels the culture shock of her new surroundings immediately but the real shock comes when she learns that the doctor who invited her to BlueBell has passed away and left her with his half of the medical practice.

Alcatraz on out DVD and Blu-ray October 15th

Revolving around America's most infamous prison, the one-time home to the nation's worst murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves and arsonists, Alcatraz boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Sam Neill (The Hunter, Wimbledon), Sarah Jones (House), Jeffrey Pierce (CSI), Parminder Nagra (Bend It Like Beckham, ER) and Jorge Garcia (Lost).

When San Francisco Police Department detective Rebecca Madsen (SARAH JONES) is assigned to a grisly homicide case, a fingerprint leads her to a shocking suspect: Jack Sylvane, (JEFFREY PIERCE) an Alcatraz inmate who died over 30 years ago. Given her family history - both her grandfather and surrogate uncle, Ray Archer, were guards at the prison - Madsen's interest is immediately piqued, and once the enigmatic government agent Emerson Hauser (SAM NEILL) tries to impede her investigation, she's doggedly committed.

Madsen turns to Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast Dr. Diego "Doc" Soto (JORGE GARCIA) to piece together the inexplicable sequence of events. The two discover that Sylvane is not only alive, but he's loose on the streets of San Francisco, exacting decades-old revenge and leaving bodies in his wake.  Strangely, he hasn't aged a day since 1963 when Alcatraz was ruled by the iron-fisted Warden Edwin James and the sadistic Associate Warden E.B. Tiller.


For your chance to win just answer the following question... 

Competition Closed

The competition begins 27th September and will close on 31st October. Winners will be informed via email.

Nobody associated with jonn.co.uk is allowed to enter the competition.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

TV: Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan - Matt Smith & cast interview

As we prepare to say farewell to Amy and Rory, the cast and Execs discuss their departure.

TV: The Good Wife Season 4 "Set Your DVR" Promo

Due to football overruns, The Good Wife may be delayed - so set your DVR for two hours instead of one. Go to cbs.com/alerts to learn more.

Gaming: Hell Yeah Launch Trailer

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is an outrageous side-scrolling shoot-em-up platformer, full of ridiculous weapons and gadgetry. Check out the

Gaming: Splinter Cell Blacklist - The Fifth Freedom Trailer

A group of rogue nations mastermind The Blacklist, a countdown of escalating terrorist attacks against America. The President asks Sam Fisher to take the Fifth Freedom to protect our country once again.

Gaming: TOKYO JUNGLE™ Launch Trailer

In Tokyo Jungle, everything is the enemy, and only the strongest will survive!

With over 50 playable animals to choose from, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo's post-apocalyptic food chain. Whether in Story or Survival Mode, you never know where your next meal will come from or the dangers you'll face, so be prepared for anything and everything. Forage through this desolate but dangerous city to complete story-based challenges using a variety of survival skills, from all-out attack to stealth. Beware-- you are not the only animal out there hunting for survival!

Gaming: New PlayStation 3 Bundle - Official Unboxing

The launch of the new PS3 has finally arrived and I hope you are just as excited as we are. Today I'm here to give you the first official look at the brand new PS3 model, plus show you all the goods inside the UNCHARTED 3 Game of the Year Edition Bundle.

This bundle is packed with incredible value. It includes the all new 250GB PS3 so you can have plenty of storage space to house all of your favorite games, videos, photos, and music.

Gaming: Angry Birds Trilogy Launch Trailer

Watch the brand new Angry Birds Trilogy Launch trailer. Angry Birds is available now and is better with Kinect.

Gaming: Splinter Cell Blacklist

The United States has a military presence in two thirds of the countries around the world. A group of 12 have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist -- a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on US interests. Sam Fisher is the leader of the newly formed Fourth Echelon unit: a clandestine unit that answers solely to the President of the United States. Sam and his team must hunt down these terrorists by any means necessary, and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero.

Gaming: Forza Horizon- Behind the Scenes #2

Forza Horizon: Behind the Scenes -- This is the second in a series of videos on the making of this year's biggest racing game: Forza Horizon, which is coming to Xbox 360 starting on October 23rd. Hit the open road and hear from the game's creators on what makes Forza Horizon the fastest, most action-packed racing experience you'll play this year. Demo Forza Horizon on Xbox LIVE.

Gaming: Resident Evil 6 TGS Trailer

On October 2nd, the world's only hope lies in the hands of Resident Evil 6's seven main heroes. As their stories intertwine, they reveal the true terror facing humanity. Will their efforts be enough to save the world from a global bioterrorism attack on an unprecedented scale?

More dramatic, more realistic and more terrifying than ever, the ultimate in horror entertainment is here.

TV: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Promo #1

TV: NCIS 10x02 Promo "Recovery"

TV: NCIS: LA 4x02 Promo "The Recruit"

TV: Dexter Season 7 "Whatever it Takes" Promo

Dexter Season 7 premieres Sunday September 30th!

TV: Private Practice 6x02 Promo "Mourning Sickness"

TV: Vegas 1x02 Promo "Money Plays"

TV: Parenthood 4x04 Promo "The Talk"

TV: Sons of Anarchy 5x04 Promo "Stolen Huffy"

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Gaming: FIFA Soccer 13 | JOIN THE CLUB feat. Snoop

FIFA Soccer 13 is the world's most exciting football club, and the world's most exciting football club deserves a clubhouse to match. Loaded with the likes of Messi, Snoop Lion, and Andrew Luck, FIFA Soccer 13's club is the spot.

Gaming: PlayStation Home Virtual Item Showcase, volume 59

Gaming: Juggernaut Games - Palace of the Seven Winds

Juggernaut Games shaares as sneak peek at their latest creation, the Palace of the Seven Winds.

TV: Fringe Season 5 Trailer

Witness Fringe Division's final stand - the fifth and final season of Fringe premieres September 28th on FOX.

TV: Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Premiere - Behind the Scenes

TV: Elementary - Behind the Scenes

Lucy Liu takes you behind the scenes of the set of Elementary. Premieres Thursday September 27th on CBS.

TV: Bones 8x03 Promo "The Gunk in the Garage"

TV: The Mob Doctor 1x03 Promo "Protect and Serve"

TV: Castle 5x02 Promo "Cloudy With A Chance of Murder"

TV: Hawaii Five-0 3x02 Promo "Kanalua"

TV: Revolution 1x03 Promo "No Quarter"

TV: Lizzie Cundy meets the stars at the Inside Soap Awards 2012.

Lizzie Cundy meets the stars at The Inside Soap Awards 2012 including Celebrity Big Brother's Cheryl Fergison, Eastenders' stars Tameka Empson & Gary Lucy, former Heartbeat Star Tricia Penrose and Chelsee Healey.

TV: Dispatches | Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below Deck | Channel 4

Channel 4 Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the reality of life below deck for the multi-national workforce who toil behind the scenes of glamorous ocean going holidays.

Monday | 8:00pm | Channel 4

Monday 24 September 2012

Competition: The Landlord on DVD

To celebrate the release of The Landlord out on DVD on 1st October we have a great competition for you.

Elgar Enders (Beau Bridges: The Descendants) buys an apartment block in Brooklyn with plans of renovating it and increasing his considerable wealth. However much to his annoyance the tenants refuse to be evicted. As Elgar is forced to interact personally with his tenants he finds out more about their personal lives, slowly his pompous and unforgiving nature is worn away by their stories and troubles and he emerges as a caring and thoughtful young man.

Win This:

For your chance to win just answer the following question... 

Competition Closed

Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.

TV: Banshee (2013)

From the creator of True Blood comes "Banshee" on Cinemax. The series centers around an ex-convict and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, PA, where he continues his criminal activities even as he's being hunted by the shadowy gangsters he had betrayed years earlier.

Banshee Cast:
· Antony Starr as Lucas Hood
· Ben Cross as Mr. Rabbit
· Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates
· Ivana Milicevic as Carrie Hopewell
· Rus Blackwell as Gordon Hopewell
· Ryann Shane as Deva Hopewell
· Ulrich Thomsen as Proctor

Recurring Cast:
· Cedric Stewart as Damien Sanchez
· Daniel Ross as Dan Kendall
· Demetrius Grosse as Emmett Yawners
· Hoon Lee as TBA
· Lili Simmons as Rebecca Bowman
· Matt Servitto as Brock Lotus
· Odette Annable
· Trieste Dunn as Siobhan Kelly

TV: Graceland (USA Network) Trailer

Six agents. One house. At Graceland, your lies are your life. From the creator of WHITE COLLAR comes a new original series. Summer 2013. Only on USA Network.

USA Network announced today the series pick-up of GRACELAND, a one-hour drama that follows a group of diverse agents -- from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and U.S. Customs -- whose worlds collide while forced to live together in an undercover beach house in Southern California. The project is from Jeff Eastin, the creator and executive producer of the network's critically acclaimed original series WHITE COLLAR and Fox Television Studios. Sean Daniel served as executive producer on the pilot. USA veteran Russell Fine (WHITE COLLAR, Necessary Roughness) directed the pilot. The announcement was made today by USA Co-Presidents Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel.

"There aren't many people we'd trust to run two shows on our air, but Jeff Eastin is one of them," said McCumber and Wachtel. "He wrote a brilliant script; Russell delivered a superb pilot; Daniel and Aaron anchor an incredible ensemble cast; FTVS was once again a great studio partner."

TV: Bones 8x02 Promo #2 "The Partners in the Divorce"

TV: Glee 4x03 Promo #2 "Makeover" (HD) ft. Sarah Jessica Parker

TV: Once Upon a Time Season 2 "The Witch is Back" Teaser

The witch is back. Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres Sunday September 30th on ABC.

TV: Nashville (ABC) "Critics" Promo

Critics love ABC's Nashville. Premieres Wednesday October 10th on ABC.

TV: Boardwalk Empire 3x03 "Bone for Tuna" Promo

TV: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo #3

Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres Sunday September 30th on ABC.

TV: Modern Family Season 4 Promo #4

New promo for Modern Family Season 4 that aired during the Emmys. The new season begins Wednesday September 26th on ABC!

Saturday 22 September 2012

TV: Tweet and pick! - "Santino's Foreign Exchange" - Episode 34

Santino Marella is letting the WWE Universe decide who will be "Santino's Foreign Exchange's" first international correspondent. Will it be Johnny Curtis or Yoshi Tatsu? Check out this week's webisode now on WWE on YouTube, and tweet your pick @MilanMiracle!


TV: Fringe Season 5 Teaser: Wanted - Astrid Farnsworth

Astrid Farnsworth is wanted. The fifth and final season of Fringe premieres Friday September 28th on FOX.

TV: Once Upon a Time Season 2 "A New Day Dawns"

A new day dawns in Storybrooke - magic is coming! Along with new characters Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Mulan, and Captain Hook.

TV: Doctor Who: 'The Angels Take Manhattan' Trailers

The Doctor's heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory - a race against time through the streets of Manhattan, as New York's statues come to life around them. With Rory's life in danger, the Doctor and Amy must locate him before it's too late! Luckily, an old friend helps them and guides the way...

TV: Doctor Who: 'The Power of Three' - Behind the Scenes

Chris Chibnall discusses his Doctor Who vision feat Mark Williams.


Gaming: Kirby's 20th Anniversary

TV: Ben and Kate (FOX) "Critics" Promo

Ben and Kate is an upcoming FOX comedy series premiering Tuesday September 25th.

Friday 21 September 2012

TV: How I Met Your Mother Season 7 - Trailer

TV: Z! True Long Island Story - Episode #85

Episode #85 of Zack Ryder's YouTube web series.

Gaming: God of War Top 5 Epic Moments - The Brutal Death of Poseidon

To celebrate the new God of War: Saga, we asked God of War Facebook fans to determine the Top 5 God of War Epic Moments of All-Time in the history of the storied franchise. Whether the fan rankings surprise you or not, let the debate rage! #3 was perhaps the most epic moment of God of War 3...

Music: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls "I Still Believe" 09/20/12 - CONAN on TBS

Performing a track from the album England Keep My Bones.

TV: Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev's first Rehearsal - Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Find out how Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev faired on their first day of training.

TV: Elementary (CBS) "Reviews Are in" Promo

The reviews are in and all the critics are raving about Elementary. Premieres Thursday September 27th on CBS.

Gaming: Medal of Honour Warfighter

Sponsored Video: Medal of Honour Warfighter

Watch the latest Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer gameplay trailer featuring fireteams and actual game footage to experience the most authentic military shooter of the year. Your fireteam partner serves as your closest mate on the battlefield. Your fireteam buddy supplies you with ammo and serves as a spawn point, providing a significant strategic advantage. 

Powered by the Frostbite 2 Engine. 

Strike First on Oct. 23rd , 2012 for the PlayStation3 , Xbox 360 and PC

TV: Malibu Country (ABC) Promo

Reba McIntire and Lily Tomlin star in ABC's Malibu Country, a new comedy series premiering Friday November 2nd.

Gaming: E3 2012: Xbox 2012

Exclusively from E3 2012: check out what is coming soon to Xbox.

TV: Supernatural 8x01 Sneak Peek #1 "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

First sneak peek clip from Supernatural season 8 premiere "We Need to Talk About Kevin" airing October 3rd on the CW.

TV: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo #2

When magic comes to the town of Storybrooke, there's no telling what will be unleashed. Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres Sunday September 30th on ABC.

TV: 2 Broke Girls Season 2 - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of the 2 Broke Girls season 2 premiere with Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings. Max joins Caroline on her visit to see her father in prison. Premieres September 24th on CBS.

TV: Glee 4x03 Promo "Makeover" (HD) with Sarah Jessica Parker

Glee 4x03 Promo/Preview "Makeover" with special guest-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

TV: The Walking Dead Season 3 Michonne Teaser

A short foreign teaser of katana wielding Michonne, one of the most badass characters in The Walking Dead comics. Are you excited for her arrival in the TV series?

TV: Ricky Gervais Is A Master Of Flattering Self Portraits - CONAN on TBS

Ricky's hobby is to look as terrible as possible, and he often succeeds.


TV: In the TARDIS - Doctor Who: 'The Power of Three' teaser

Thursday 20 September 2012

TV: The Walking Dead "Switch from Dish" Promo

Dish subscribers cannot watch the new season of the biggest series on cable. There's only a few weeks to switch from Dish before The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere on October 14th.

TV: 2 Broke Girls Season 2 "Shocker" Promo

A shocking moment is in store for 2 Broke Girls - meet the man who bought Max and Caroline together. It's Caroline's dad, behind bars!

TV: Grey's Anatomy 9x01 Sneak Peek #1 "Going Going Gone"

TV: Royal Pains "The Royal Wedding" Promo

Watch Evan and Paige walk down the aisle in the two-hour television movie event, "The Royal Wedding", airing this December on USA Network.

TV: Invasion of the Very Small Cubes - Doctor Who: 'The Power of Three'

TV: Red Dwarf X Teaser - Going Postal

Rimmer's feeling fine - but not in a good way - in this new teaser from all-new Red Dwarf X, launching on Dave Thursday 4th October at 9pm.

Music: Delta Rae "Bottom Of The River" 09/19/12 - CONAN on TBS

Performing a track from their new album Carry the Fire.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

TV: Life with the Doctor was like this... - Doctor Who: 'The Power of Three' teaser

Amy Pond reflects on her life as a part-time adventurer.

TV: Baggage | Friday, 8pm | Channel 4

Gok Wan hosts this dating game show series, where contestants must choose and reject potential partners on the basis of their baggage.

Friday | 8pm | Channel 4

Gaming: Nintendo 3DS - Gabrielle Douglas Goes For a Different Kind of Gold in New Super Mario Bros. 2

TV: Law and Order SVU Season 14 Promo #2

TV: White Collar Season 4 - Winter Episodes Promo

One big answer only leads to more questions. White Collar Season 4 returns this January with brand new episodes.

TV: Parenthood 4x03 Promo "Everything Is Not Okay"

TV: Covert Affairs 3x11 Promo "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide"

TV: Sons of Anarchy 5x03 Promo "Laying Pipe"

Tuesday 18 September 2012

TV: The Following (FOX) "Serial Killers" Promo

There are 300 estimated serial killers in the United States. This January, that number is rising. The Following starring Kevin Bacon premieres January on FOX.

TV: Partners (CBS) "Best Friends Forever" Promo

Partners is an upcoming CBS comedy starring Sophia Bush, Brandon Routh, Michael Urie, and David Krumholtz. Partners premieres September 24th on CBS.

Gaming: FIFA Soccer 13 | Better with Kinect for Xbox 360

TV: The Vampire Diaries 4x01 Sneak Peek #2 "Growing Pains"

Gaming: Dance Central 3 Gameplay Trailer

Check out the 3-song gameplay trailer featuring the songs Scream by Usher, Starships by Nicki Minaj and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

TV: 'Doctor Who': 'The Power of Three' Photos

Music: Nelly Furtado - Parking Lot

Music video by Nelly Furtado performing Parking Lot. (C) 2012 Interscope Records/Mosley Music Group LLC

TV: Doctor Who: The Power of Three - Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill interview - Series 7 2012

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill introduce The Power of Three.


Gaming: PlayStation Home Virtual Item Showcase, volume 58

Magnus returns in our 58th volume of the PlayStation Home Virtual Item Showcase.

TV: Beauty and the Beast (CW) 1x01 Sneak Peek

Sneak peek from the series premiere of upcoming CW drama Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk.

TV: Arrow (CW) 1x01 Sneak Peek

Sneak peek of upcoming CW series Arrow. If you betray Starling City, he will come after you. Premieres October 10th.

TV: The Mindy Project "Work in Progress" Promo

The Mindy Project premieres September 25th on FOX.

TV: Boardwalk Empire 3x02 Promo "Spaghetti & Coffee"

Gaming: Borderlands 2 Launch Trailers

The time is now to take out Handsome Jack. Gather up your friends as you run rampant through the world collecting bazillions of loot and guns in an effort to save Pandora from the evil grips of the Hyperion Corporation.

Gaming: Madden 13 PlayStation Vita Commercial

The PlayStation Vita gives you console quality gaming so you can play like you do at home. Score a sweet deal with the Madden 13 Bundle.

TV: Fringe Season 5 Teaser: Wanted - Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop is a wanted man. The fifth and final season of Fringe premieres Friday September 28th on FOX.

TV: Bones 8x02 Promo "The Partners in the Divorce"

TV: Revolution 1x02 Promo "Chained Heat"

Monday 17 September 2012

TV: Justin Bieber does a Welsh accent on ITV1's Daybreak

Daybreak host Aled Jones gets Justin Bieber to try his best Welsh accent on the show. Watch the full interview on Daybreak this Thursday 20th September on ITV1.

TV: Downton Abbey Series 3 Episode 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second episode of the new series of Downton Abbey on ITV1.

Airs Sunday 23rd September 2012.

Gaming: LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation® Vita Launch Trailer

Join Sackboy as he ventures in to the world of the Carnivalia! Play, Create, and Share through an all new LBP story with PS Vita specific tools and controls.

Gaming: Borderlands 2 on PS3: Tour of Pandora with Sir Hammerlock

Join Sir Hammerlock on an introductory tour of Borderlands 2 as only he can present. Discover all of the new locations, characters, enemies and oh, yes, weapons and you prepare for your journey. The Borderlands are waiting.

TV: The Vampire Diaries 4x01 Sneak Peek "Growing Pains"

The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday October 11th on the CW. Here's a sneak peek of Elena's first moments upon waking up.

TV: The Walking Dead Season 3 Cast Interviews (Inside The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead season 3 cast members give some exciting hints about the 3rd season, premiering October 14th on AMC.

Competition: Being... N-Dubz

To celebrate the DVD release of Being... N-Dubz  on 24th September we have a great competition for you.


This brilliant reality series follows the lives of rising music stars N-Dubz - that's Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer - as they adjust to their newfound fame and enjoy success in the UK charts.

Being... N-Dubz gives audiences unique access to one of the UK’s hottest urban acts. Using state of the art HD POV mini cameras fixed at the band members’ eye level, the series offers an intimate and revealing look at the world through the eyes of Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer.

Being...N-Dubz At Christmas follows the band as they prepare for the release of their third album, make presentations at the MOBO Awards and perform at T4's Stars of 2010. Watch as Dappy has a 45 minute deadline to work out their album track listing and is easily distracted from the task in hand by his remote control plane!

Win This:

For your chance to win just answer the following question... 


Competition: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

To celebrate the release of How I Spent My Summer Vacation out on DVD & Blu-ray on 24th September we have a great competition for you.


It’s been a bad day for Driver (Mel Gibson) and it’s not getting any better. He just made a big haul of millions that would give him a nice summer vacation on easy street. A good idea that went south – literally.

During a high-speed car chase with the US Border Patrol, and a bleeding body in his back seat, Driver flips his car smashing through the border wall, tumbling violently, coming to a stop … in Mexico. Apprehended by the Mexican authorities, he is sent to a hard-core prison where he enters the strange and dangerous world of “El Pueblito”, the worst prison in all of Mexico. Not an easy place for an outsider such as Driver to survive, unless it’s with the help of someone who knows the ropes - a 10 year-old kid.

Win This:

For your chance to win just answer the following question... 


TV: Red Dwarf X *UK Premiere* - Only on Dave

Red Dwarf X *UK Premiere*
Thursday, 9pm (from Thursday 4th October)
 Space battles, quantum entanglement, and love triangles with snack dispensers, are just some of problems facing the boys from the Dwarf as they return in a brand new series. Red Dwarf X, the 10th series of the legendary sci-fi sitcom, airs exclusively on Dave and Dave HD this October.

Red Dwarf X returns with 6 x 30 min stand alone episodes, recorded in front of a studio audience and reunites the much loved original cast of Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten).
The brand new series, written and directed by Doug Naylor, begins with the Dwarfer’s mining ship still creaking though the wastelands of unchartered deep space, but the posse soon stumble upon the mysteriously abandoned SS Trojan.  As they inspect the ship Rimmer receives an SOS distress call from an old foe and is suddenly faced with the dilemma of his life.

TV: Deadliest Tornadoes *UK Premiere* on Eden

Deadliest Tornadoes *UK Premiere* only on Eden
 Wednesday 3rd October, 10pm

In 2011, the worst tornado season in decades left a trail of destruction across America, killing more than 550 people.

Why was there such an extreme outbreak? How do such outbreaks form? With modern warning systems, why did so many die? Is our weather getting more extreme, and if so how bad will it get?

In this UK premiere film we meet scientists striving to understand the forces at work behind last year's outbreak. Could their work improve tornado prediction in the future? We also meet people whose lives have been upended by these extreme weather events and learn how we can all protect ourselves and our communities for the future.

TV: Perception S01E01 *UK Premiere* on Watch

Will & Grace’s Eric McCormack stars in this brand new and exclusive drama series where nothing is as it seems. On debut, it became one of the highest-rating US cable shows of the year, and comes to Watch with an intriguing concept – Dr Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia who is recruited by the FBI to help solve complex cases.

With an intimate knowledge of human behaviour and the way the mind works, Daniel has the ability to see behavioural patterns no one else can see. But these abilities don’t come easy to Daniel – he struggles with hallucinations and paranoid delusions brought on by his schizophrenia. Oddly, Daniel considers some of his hallucinations to be a gift. They occasionally allow him to make connections that his conscious mind can’t yet process. At other times, the hallucinations become Daniel's greatest curse, leading him to behave in irrational, potentially dangerous ways. 

Daniel's mental condition and offbeat manner make it difficult for him to achieve the close friendships and intimate relationships he craves. He’s in his element when solving an intricate puzzle or a coded message. But in unfamiliar situations, he can quickly become overwhelmed, and only his favourite music and a crossword puzzle have the power to make things right again. 

Rachael Leigh Cook co-stars as FBI agent Kate Moretti, Arjay Smith plays Max Lewicki, who serves as his teaching assistant, and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton has a recurring role as Paul Haley, a dean at the university and Pierce’s friend.

TV: The American Invasion *UK Premiere*

The American Invasion *UK Premiere* "Yesterday"
Wednesday 3rd October, 9pm

The American Invasion explores the memories of those who were affected by the movement of the US 8th air force into Britain. With never seen before colour archive footage and broadcast interviews with famous US commanders such as Curtis Lemay, Ira Eaker and Jimmy Doolittle, this programme brings one of the most historical and unforgettable WWII events to life in a captivating and moving manner.

In 1942 thousands of young American airmen were based in Britain. As part of the largest air force in the world, the 8th US Air Force changed the fate of World War II. Joining with the British RAF, the Allies generated the power and drive to strike back on Hitler’s Third Reich, risking their lives in the air over Germany. During the three years of war the American airmen faced dangerous raids and deadly consequences, resulting in the loss of thousands of young American lives.

The sensational story of the intertwined British and American history during World War II is explored in The American Invasion, uncovering the perilous tales of the bomber crews and the close bonds they formed. This fascinating and heart-felt recollection of the 8th US air force will be told by veterans and people from local communities through their memories of the Americans who swarmed Britain during this period.

TV: Sea Of Death *UK Premiere*

Sea Of Death *UK Premiere* - "Yesterday"
Friday 28th September, 10pm
This eerie and haunting documentary looks at the sinking of three German refugee ships at the end of World War II, when over 20,000 people lost their lives in what is the greatest naval catastrophe in human history. Despite there being many more victims on each of the sunken refugee ships than on Titanic, the disaster is still virtually unheard of. 

Combining unique underwater footage, interviews with survivors who experienced the horror of the sinkings and expert historians this fascinating film examines a topic that is still incredibly sensitive all these years later.

It was January 1945, towards the end of the Second World War and millions of German civilians flee from the vicious onslaught of the Soviet Army. In sheer desperation the refugees board anything that  floats to ferry them away from the war zone.

Just out to sea Russian submarines prowl, on the lookout for any German vessel. The Russians have long claimed that there were in fact soldiers and sailors on board these refugee ships. In the Soviets’ eyes this rendered the refugee ships legitimate targets.  Is there any truth to this claim, or is it just Soviet propaganda? Sea of Death tries to unwrap this mystery and put the historic record straight.

TV: Homefront on ITV

Claire Skinner (Outnumbered, Doctor Who), Clare Higgins (Parade’s Ends, The Syndicate, The Golden Compass), Nicola Stephenson (The Chase, Clocking Off, Brookside) and Antonia Thomas (Misfits, The Deep) will portray the remarkable wives and one mother of soldiers serving in war torn Afghanistan in ITV Studios new six part drama series Homefront. 

International and award-winning director Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad, No Ordinary Family, The Street) and former Coronation Street producer Kim Crowther bring to life this compelling and emotional drama. 

Episode one: 

Tasha Raveley’s (Antonia Thomas) world comes crashing down when her husband, Matt, is killed in action in Afghanistan. His parents, Paula (Clare Higgins) and Howard (George Costigan) are with her to hear the tragic and ever dreaded news. 

Mother-in-law Paula, a veteran army wife goes into autopilot vowing to give her son a military send off to remember but Tasha struggles to accept her newfound status. Too young to be a widow, a single mum and alone; the only thing worth living for is beloved son Alfie. 

Officer’s wife-to-be Claire (Claire Skinner) is new to this world and all its formalities. Her fiancĂ©, Major Pete Bartham’s (Greg Wise) senior rank immediately propels her to the top of the army wives chain of command, which brings with it a degree of responsibility. Claire does the right thing by offering her condolences, and a lasagne, to grief stricken Tasha and is ever present at Pete’s side at the funeral. Matt’s mother, Paula is moved by Pete’s eulogy; She thanks him for his kind words but Tom (Chris Reilly) is less than impressed. Paula scolds him but Howard tells her to give the kid a break, he’s just buried his baby brother. 

Back home Pete admits that Matt wasn’t a great soldier but he simply told the family what they wanted to hear. Before Pete returns to Afghanistan, he and Claire set a date for the wedding and the countdown begins. 

Ultra confident Louise (Nicola Stephenson) keeps the home-fires burning thanks to weekly Skype sex sessions beamed live to a tent in Afghanistan. Louise could have her pick of any man in Leysham but she has everything she wants in Joe (Warren Brown). Her marriage is rock solid, isn’t it? An anonymous grainy picture message of her husband semi-naked with another woman in Camp Bastion suggests otherwise… 

As the news of Matt’s death sinks in Paula starts to ask questions about how and why he died and believes that the answers lie much closer to home. She opens a letter from Matt addressed to Tasha. In the letter, Matt pours his heart out about a row he and Tasha had. Paula sees that Matt’s mind wasn’t on the job. In her grief she lashes out and blames shell-shocked Tasha. As far as Paula’s concerned Tasha as good as killed her son. 

TV: Girlfri3nds - Ep1

Girlfri3nds, is a new series in which three single women of different ages, life experiences and backgrounds meet for the first time with a common goal— to find true love.  As they search for a partner, they will share their lives and emotionally support one another during the dating and decision-making process. 

TV: The Home of Fabulous Cakes - Ep1

Royal Wedding cake maker and pastry chef Fiona Cairns shares her glamorous, fun and tasty baking secrets in a new ITV1 Daytime show, The Home of Fabulous Cakes.

In the 10 x ’60 series, The Home of Fabulous Cakes will show viewers how to bake and decorate delicious and visually stunning cakes at home. 

From classic cake recipes and easy bakes, to novelty cakes and sophisticated show-stopping masterpieces, The Home of Fabulous Cakes will teach even the least experienced cook the easy techniques and tricks that make cake making and decorating achievable for all.

TV: Secrets Of The Manor House *UK Premiere*

Secrets Of The Manor House *UK Premiere* - Only on "Yesterday"
Friday 21st September, 8pm

A century ago the world of the British manor house was at its height. For the upper classes living in a manor house meant you were guaranteed a life of luxury, but downstairs hundreds of servants toiled ceaselessly to make the lives of their lords and ladies run as smoothly as possible. It’s this rigid class system that drama series like Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey have used as inspiration for their TV dramas.

But what was really going on behind these stately walls a century ago? Secrets Of The Manor House looks beyond the fiction to the truth of what life was like in these ancient British houses. They were communities where two separate worlds existed side by side: the poor worked as domestic servants, while the nation’s wealthiest families enjoyed a lifestyle of luxury, and aristocrats ruled over their servants as they had done for a thousand years.

The one-off talks to present-day British lords and ladies as well as the descendants of those who lived and worked in manor houses across the country. A series of expert historians explain the true picture of how life was lived within the walls of these stately homes that had changed very little for centuries.

TV: Covert Affairs *UK Premiere* S03E01

Covert Affairs (series 3) *UK Premiere* - Only on Really!

Wednesdays, 9pm (from Wednesday 19th September)
S3E1/16. Hang On To Yourself

It’s back! The hit US spy series returns to Really with an all-new and exclusive third series. Starring the Golden Globe-nominated Piper Perabo as Annie, the glam CIA operative who jets off to far-flung corners of the world to crack spy rings and bring down the bad guys.

And the third series starts off with a bang… literally as the CIA’s 4th of July celebrations are cut short when a car bomb detonates outside a local diner, killing one of the Agency's own.

Annie narrowly escapes the explosion but having been on the scene when the tragedy took place, she can't escape suspicion from the Agency and is quickly reassigned. And she's not the only one being moved out of the DPD: Arthur tasks Auggie with a new job at the Office of Special Projects… and dig around the department for clues about the murder. Though Auggie is uneasy about his new position, Annie finds her new supervisor, Lena Smith, surprisingly collaborative and supportive. Lena immediately tasks Annie with a new mission: get close to Simon Fischer, a handsome (and possibly deadly) suspected Russian spy.

Music: PSY Explains Gangnam Style Dance's Origin

Psy talked with FUSE about how he came up with Gangnam Style's famous horse dance, and Britney Spears following him on twitter.

TV: New Girl Season 2 "Fired Up" Promo

New Girl season 2 premieres Tuesday September 25th on FOX with 2 episodes. Are you fired up for its return?

TV: Elementary (CBS) "Biggest Mystery" Promo

Sherlock Holmes is back, and he's the biggest mystery of all. Elementary premieres Thursday September 27th.

TV: Leverage Season 5 - Winter Episodes Teaser

Leverage Season 5 returns in November with new episodes. Planning the perfect con takes time!

Sunday 16 September 2012

TV: "50 shades" of Santino - "Santino's Foreign Exchange" - Episode 34

Inspired by the best-selling book, "Fifty Shades of Grey," Santino Marella turns to Divas Champion Layla, Eve and Kaitlyn for their take on what makes a man sexy. Watch "Santino's Foreign Exchange" now to find out what they had to say!

TV: Doctor Who: 'A Town Called Mercy' - Behind the Scenes

Galloping through Spain with Matt Smith as he takes on the Gunslinger!

TV: Revolution (NBC) "The Fight for Power Begins" Promo

Revolution is a new TV series from JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural), premiering Monday on NBC.

TV: The Office Season 9 / Final Season Promo

It's the final season of The Office. Eight years ago, America discovered how much fun going to the office could be. September 20th, return to Dundler Mifflin one more time for the start of the farewell season.

Friday 14 September 2012

Gaming: Wii U Preview - Darksiders II: Death Lives Interview

Gaming: Wii U Preview - Madden NFL 13 Interview

Gaming: Wii U Preview - Mass Effect 3 Interview

Gaming: Wii U Preview Presentation

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Gaming: Wii U Preview - Event Recap

TV: Beauty and the Beast (CW) "Human" Promo

Beauty and the Beast CW Promo starring Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan. Series premieres October 11th on The CW.

TV: The Walking Dead Season 3 "Fight the Dead" Promo

The Walking Dead Season 3 promo with lots of zombie killing! The survivors must clear out the prison.

TV: Scandal Season 2 Promo #2

TV: Glee 4x02 Promo "Britney 2.0"

Brittany S. Pierce is in a funk and turns to her icon Britney Spears' music for inspiration! Meanwhile, Rachel struggles to adjust to life in New York, but is helped by her newfound NYADA friend, Brody Weston, in the all-new "Britney 2.0" episode airing on Thursday, Sept. 20 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-402) (TV-14 L)

Cast: Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester; Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester; Lea Michele as Rachel Berry; Chris Colfer as Kurt; Kevin McHale as Artie; Amber Riley as Mercedes; Mark Salling as Puck; Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina; Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez; Heather Morris as Brittany; Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson; Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans; Mike O'Malley as Burt Hummel.

Music: The Walkmen "We Can't Be Beat" 09/13/12 - CONAN on TBS

TV: The Saloon - Doctor Who: 'A Town Called Mercy' teaser - Series 7 2012 Episode 3

The Doctor manages to create a stir in Mercy's saloon.

Music: The Hives "Wait A Minute" 09/12/12 - CONAN on TBS

Music: The Walkmen "Love is Luck" 09/13/12 - CONAN on TBS

Gaming: Kinect Sports Ultimate Sizzle Video

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection bundles Kinect's two best-selling games for Kinect in one package! Now enjoy all 13 sports at your fingertips. Plus, extra bonus content including basketball, the back nine golf holes, and new night ski runs included.