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Monday 17 September 2012

TV: The American Invasion *UK Premiere*

The American Invasion *UK Premiere* "Yesterday"
Wednesday 3rd October, 9pm

The American Invasion explores the memories of those who were affected by the movement of the US 8th air force into Britain. With never seen before colour archive footage and broadcast interviews with famous US commanders such as Curtis Lemay, Ira Eaker and Jimmy Doolittle, this programme brings one of the most historical and unforgettable WWII events to life in a captivating and moving manner.

In 1942 thousands of young American airmen were based in Britain. As part of the largest air force in the world, the 8th US Air Force changed the fate of World War II. Joining with the British RAF, the Allies generated the power and drive to strike back on Hitler’s Third Reich, risking their lives in the air over Germany. During the three years of war the American airmen faced dangerous raids and deadly consequences, resulting in the loss of thousands of young American lives.

The sensational story of the intertwined British and American history during World War II is explored in The American Invasion, uncovering the perilous tales of the bomber crews and the close bonds they formed. This fascinating and heart-felt recollection of the 8th US air force will be told by veterans and people from local communities through their memories of the Americans who swarmed Britain during this period.