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Friday 1 March 2013

Music: Lloyd Yates - "Runs Like Fire"

Live, acoustic take of a new song by Lloyd Yates performed with Mehdi Padidar
in the grounds of Vinchelez Manor, Jersey, Channel Islands.

"Runs Like Fire' www.lloydyates.com

Filmed, edited & produced by Storyteller - www.storyteller.je

© 2013 Present Music Limited

Published by EMI Music Publishing Limited


Lloyd Yates is from the island of Jersey and it has helped shape and develop him into an extraordinary Artist.

Growing up, Lloyd was drawn to the waters surrounding the island and at a young age decided to explore this desire to ‘connect’ with the sea through surfing. This relationship has been key in developing Lloyds ability to connect with, respect and ‘feel’ life in all it’s natural states; it’s beauty, it’s cruelty, it’s stillness, its rage and his experience coupled his outstanding natural ability to write, sing and interpret his emotions, has produced an incredible talent.

His voice is unique.

His songs are beautifully crafted with an honesty and strength that invite his audience to experience his feelings.

Completely self-taught, Lloyd picked up a guitar at 15 and began writing original material from the off.

In Jersey, The Lloyd Yates Band, have grown an impressive fan base, and a popularity that has already seen them share festival stages with top international artists

Mercury nominated Producer Jason Boshoff has christened them “Purveyors of Epic Folk”.


  1. Just stunning! Hope you go far!x

    1. I totally agree, he is amazing, great voice!