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Friday, 12 July 2013

TV: Call The Midwife (series 1)

Channel Premiere - From the beginning
Thursday 1st August, 10pm
The incredibly popular historical midwifery series continues its first run on Drama. 

S1 E4/6. Jenny delivers a little girl, Gillian, to Shirley Redmond, but soon afterwards the newborn baby is snatched from her pram. A full-scale search is launched, and the entire community becomes involved in the quest to reunite the desperate parents with their child. The culprit turns out to be Mary, the Irish girl whom Jenny had befriended previously, who has been unable to resolve the grief she felt after losing her own child. The police want to prosecute Mary but, urged by Jenny, Sisters Julienne and Evangelina intervene and ask for leniency on Mary's behalf. Meanwhile, Cynthia deals with the case of a middle-aged headmaster and his young musician wife who are expecting their first-born when she suffers from eclampsia.

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