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Friday, 12 July 2013

TV: Do No Harm

UK Premiere - Series continues
Monday 29th July, 9pm
2/13. Don't Answer The Phone
Watch's brand new US drama continues and in this week’s episode, Jason (Steven Pasquale) struggles to control his dangerous alternate personality, Ian, especially when it comes to their financial situation.

Ian decides that Jason needs to spend more, so he blows a ridiculous amount of money on a selection of high value goods including a trip to Las Vegas and a number of expensive suits. Jason quickly learns that a silver Ferrari, which he believed Ian had purchased, actually belongs to a drug dealer who he now owes money to. He arranges to meet up and get everything sorted just in time for Ian to take over and suffer the consequences. Unfortunately for Jason, Ian sets him up in an even worse situation when he finds himself with a large bag of money outside a warehouse where the people inside want to kill him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lena Solis (Alana de la Darza) and Jason’s work colleagues are growing suspicious of his increasingly erratic behaviour, with Dr Kenneth Jordan (Michael Esper) looking for answers from Jason’s confidante, Dr. Ruben Marcado (Lin-Manuel Miranda).

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