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Friday, 12 July 2013

TV: Megatruckers

UK Premiere - Series Continues
Tuesday 30th July, 7pm
Megatruckers is the latest series to take Dave viewers by storm. The Australian series follows Jon Kelly and his trucking firm as they transport some of the world's largest and heaviest loads across treacherous Australian terrain. Jon and his larger-than-life drivers ride the pressure of running a fleet of glistening chrome behemoths in this genuine larger than life series.

In this week's double-bill:

5/8. With an excavator to move 3800km from the Port of Melbourne to Darwin, Jon gives the job to young gun driver Ryan. Despite having recently been married, the 24 year-old takes the move on with gusto, but he quickly opens up about how life on the road can take its toll with loved ones. He reveals he’s hoping to meet up with his dad – also a truck driver – in the Northern Territory but when complications at a weight station leave him grounded it looks like the reunion is off.

6/8. It’s a potentially game-changing week for heavy haulage boss Jon Kelly. When he takes on a last-minute move as a favour to a rival company run by an ex-employee an easy-money move turns into a potentially disastrous operation that could do more harm to the MegaTruckers than good. And there’s a $97 million contract up for grabs that will keep Jon’s trucks, trailers and drivers busy for the next 3-years – but only if HHA can achieve an elusive ‘TIER-1’ safety rating in an audit conducted at the depot by the prospective clients.

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