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Friday, 12 July 2013

TV: Pride and Prejudice

Saturday 27th July, 9pm
Episodes 5 & 6
This wonderful adaptation of the Jane Austen classic concludes with another passionate double-bill. 

Firstly Lizzie (Jennifer Ehle) and the Gardiners are invited to dine at Pemberley with Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter), his sisters, Darcy (Colin Firth) and Georgiana (Emilia Fox). The chemistry continues to sizzle between Lizzie and Darcy as they exchange smouldering looks. However, the next morning Lizzie learns that Lydia (Julia Sawalha) has eloped with Wickham (Adrian Lukis) to Gretna Green. Darcy unexpectedly arrives. His stunned reaction to the news leads Lizzie to believe that Lydia's elopement has brought disgrace upon her family. Lizzie and the Gardiners immediately return to Longbourne.

Then, Darcy helps Wickham and Lydia to marry. Mrs Gardiner enlightens Lizzie about Darcy's role in uniting Wickham and Lydia. She reveals that Darcy bore all the expense and insisted that Mr Gardiner take the credit. She concludes that Darcy believed it was his fault that Wickham's character was not made known to the world. When Darcy visits it is clear he is still very much in love with Lizzie and Bingley proposes to Jane, who accepts. Later, at a double wedding, Jane (Susannah Harker) and Bingley and Darcy and Lizzie tie the knot.

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