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Friday 30 August 2013

TV: Total Divas bonus clip - Brie and Nikki Bella celebrate Daniel Bryan's birthday at a cupcake shop

The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan celebrate their cheat day - and Bryan's birthday - with cupcakes in this "Total Divas"

Brutal TV Scenes

To celebrate the release of new show Banshee, available to own and watch instantly via blinkbox and out on DVD & Blu-ray on 2 September, we take a look at the most brutal scenes to be scripted into HBO’s cinematic TV shows.

GAME OF THRONES – Rains of Castamere
Game of Thrones is one of the most successful shows that HBO has ever produced, principally for its in-depth storyline and bloodcurdling violence. In the episode Rains of Catamere, audiences witnessed a complete onslaught of blood and gore that culminated in the horribly graphic Red Wedding. The amiable Starks were massacred in animalistic, devastatingly brutal scenes. Throats were slits, eyes were gouged and women were stabbed – all while dying direwolves howled in the pouring rain.

BANSHEE – Prison Flashback
Banshee is one of HBO’s latest incarnations, and boy is it an explosive action series that will leave audiences stunned. The story traces a recently paroled master thief, Lucas Hood, who assumes the identity of the Sheriff of Banshee. When a former fellow inmate recognises Lucas from his time in prison, this interaction prompts Lucas to have a series of flashbacks.

It’s revealed that when in prison, Lucas had to fend off the advances and sexual harassment of a gay Albino inmate. Lucas had to regularly thwart the Albino from sexually abusing him and was once nearly killed in the process. During one confrontation, in front of the entire prison population, Lucas defeated the Albino by severing his penis and gouging the Albino’s eyeballs, finally killing the brute.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE – Death of Jimmy Darmody
Charming Jimmy was a fan favourite in Boardwalk Empire and served as Nucky’s talented protégé. However, once Jimmy fell out with conspiring mobster, Nucky, the prospect of his death was on the cards. Jimmy himself eerily predicted Nucky’s callousness when he said that Nucky can’t be ‘half a gangster’. When Nucky chillingly invited Jimmy to a late night reconciliatory meeting at the war memorial, Jimmy’s bloody epitaph may as well have been engraved. Nucky cruelly murdered his one-time protégé, with the fateful shot ringing out in the night’s sky.

SOPRANO’S – Killing Christopher Moltisanti
Mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) brought a new lease of life to TV. Soprano’s revealed that it was possible to create a cinematic character driven series and Paul Gandolfini personified this in his larger-than-life powerful screen presence. Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) depicted the role of the aspiring mobster, who Tony adopted as his contemporary. However, it was not all plain sailing for Christopher in the gangster realm, particularly when he became addicted to intravenous drugs. When Christopher crashed a car, which had Tony in the passenger seat, it materialised that the young gangster was high on heroin. Tony, infuriated with Christopher who put the don’s life in danger, was more worried about his own driving license. As the glaze-eyed addict choked on his own blood, Tony placed a meaty hand over Christopher’s nose and mouth. The harrowing moment concluded with the two mobsters locking eyes as Christopher silently died.

TRUE BLOOD – Sam kills Rosalyn
The phenomenal world depicted in True Blood is premised on the notion that vampires are living among us and need to feed on humans to survive. True Blood also boasts one of the most creative, horrifically gruesome deaths on TV and so it’s unsurprising that shape shifting (inhabiting another body) is the method in question here. In one particular scene, the barman Sam transformed into a spy and flew into Rosalyn’s mouth, who is a politician. Once inside Rosalyn’s body, Sam shifted back to his usual frame, causing her to explode in a splatter of blood and guts. As Rosalyn’s remains scattered across the screen, the amalgamation of CGI and visual effects appears truly outstanding.

Released on Blu-ray, DVD and available to own and watch instantly via blinkbox on 2 September 2013

Top 10 Sheriffs

Sheriffs have made a come back, ruling our television screens once again with those cowboy hats we all love.

These supposed ‘voices of the people’ embody all of the things we look for in entertainment. We are a world obsessed with action, violence, and all too sweet karma; a concoction that is always guaranteed with every star-shaped badge. To commemorate the release of Banshee, available to own and watch instantly via blinkbox and out on DVD and Blu-Ray on 2nd September, ‘the small town with big secrets’, we are paying homage to the 10 Sheriffs on TV that really dish out the justice – or perpetuate the corruption.

EUREKA: Jack Carter
The everyman of Sheriff’s, Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) from Eureka is not the sharpest kid on the block, despite his IQ of 111, as his town is full of geniuses. However, time and time again it’s his simplicity and instinct that saves the day. It’s always a glorious moment when normality overrules the supernatural. You have to love him!

BANSHEE: Lucas Hood
Ex-con and thief extraordinaire, Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) from Banshee is the epitome of the good bad guy. Adopting the identity of a dead Sheriff and embracing his dodgy past and criminal values, Hood certainly make for an interesting, if not compelling, Sheriff. His unique take on law enforcement, coupled with his charismatic swagger, sets him up as a Sheriff to watch – literally!

TRUE BLOOD: Eric Northman
Memorable for being more than just immortal, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) from True Blood is the handsome, albeit 1,100 years old, Sheriff of a vampire district in Louisiana. An integral part of vampire politics and steamy lover to waitress Sookie, Northman provides love, sex and violence to our screens weekly. What more could you want?

An ineffectual bureaucrat, Sheriff Don Lamb (Michael Muhney) from Veronica Mars is the ultimate ‘love to hate’ character. He is exactly what’s wrong with the judiciary system: status hungry and egocentric. Corruption, undermining and witty banter are his major traits, and we love it!

LONGMIRE: Walt Longmire
We can all relate to Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) from Longmire in his feelings of solitude and his overly self-judging ways. He is the archetype of the traditional Sheriff as well as an emblem of justice and duty – a figure of inspiration.

A zombie-fighting Sheriff just says it all! Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from The Walking Dead really does ‘protect and serve’ as he tries to shield the ones he loves from the living dead that has swamped the world around him. He is the upstanding Sheriff in the middle of utter chaos.

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD: Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane
Corrupt but loveable, Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane (James Best) from The Dukes of Hazzard provides much comedic value. His awkward and child-like characteristics add a bit of fun to the representation of the Law – finally a bit of light relief!

TWIN PEAKS: Harry Truman
Sharing his name with the 33rd president of the United States of America, Harry Truman (Michael Ontkean) from Twin Peaks is a true Western hero in his dedication to honesty and the Law. Whilst at times he is the Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes, this Sheriff is down to earth and quite frankly knows how to sport a cowboy hat.

Relaxed, efficient and full of moral fibre, Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) from The Andy Griffith Show is definitively ‘old-school’. Taylor’s quick-witted banter paired with his deputies’ clumsiness provides us with a traditional Sheriff, full of family fun.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Graham Humbert
Graham Humbert (Jamie Dornan) from Once Upon A Time, is literally the fairy tale equivalent of law enforcement. He defies the wishes of the Evil Queen, acts like the Knight in shining armour and in doing so becomes enslaved. Graham is a true martyr to the Sheriff cause.

Released on Blu-ray, DVD and available to own and watch instantly via blinkbox on 2 September 2013

Friday 23 August 2013

TV: David Letterman - Serena Williams Prefers Women's Tennis

Serena Williams tells Dave why she prefers women when it comes to tennis.


Mindy's getting warmed up for a brand new season, Tue Sept 17 on FOX.


Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and CeCe are all back with new episodes. Season Premiere Tue Sept 17 on FOX.

Celeb: Jennifer Hudson Gets the Royal Treatment

Jennifer transforms into Tiana from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog." Take a look.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Celeb: Black Eyed Peas Fergie hits red carpet with baby bump and hot husband Josh Duhamel

Heavily pregnant Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas supported gorgeous husband Josh Duhamel at the Scenic Route premiere in Hollywood. Report by Stephanie Prentice.

Competition: Win The Dyatlov Pass Incident on DVD

To celebrate the release of the captivating return of acclaimed Hollywood director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2; Cliffhanger; Deep Blue Sea) with his conspiracy theory horror “The Dyatlov Pass Incident” - out on DVD and Blu-ray 26th August 2013 - we have a copy to give away on DVD to one lucky winner!

Based on the bizarre but true events surrounding the mysterious deaths of nine ski hikers who went missing in the Ural Mountains in 1959, this “The Blair Witch Project” meets “The Descent” by way of “The X Files” horror is the most unnerving supernatural shocker to come out in years!

“The Dyatlov Pass Incident” takes the known facts of the tragedy and spins them into a truly chilling horror experience that brilliantly combines elements of contemporary history, conspiracy theory, sci-fi and the supernatural that all contribute to a knock-out twist and a breathtaking finale.

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Wednesday 21 August 2013


A special mention for this cool Grime video, mainly cause my Nephew is one of the kids in the background.

Twitter: @OoRITE_C4 @Trilla0121

Monday 19 August 2013

Music: Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline

Competition: Win Rebellion on DVD

To celebrate the release of Rebellion on DVD on August 26th we have a great competition for you and 3 DVDs to give away.


Mathieu Kassovitz writes, directs and stars in this French hostage drama. 

The film traces the events surrounding the real-life abduction of 30 gendarmes by local Kanak separatist rebels in France's South Pacific territory of New Caledonia in 1988. Sent to accelerate the release of the hostages, negotiator Capt. Philippe Legorjus (Kassovitz) soon finds himself caught between the demands of Kanak leader Alphonse Dianou (Iabe Lapacas) and the machinations of his political masters back in France, who, with an election looming, are eager to show their decisiveness by resorting to military action.

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Sunday 18 August 2013

Music: Matt Cardle, Melanie C - Loving You

'Loving You' (available 18th August) is the first single from Matt Cardle's forthcoming album

TV: The Ultimate X Factor Mash Up FULL

To celebrate a decade of the X Factor ITV have created the Ultimate X Factor Mash Up. Using a selection of hits from artists discovered on the show over the years to create an infectious medley.

Friday 16 August 2013

TV: Celebrity Big Brother 12 2013 teaser advert

Ten second teaser advert for the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother, launching Thursday 22nd August at 9pm on Channel 5.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Music: - Dannii Minogue - Cos You're Beautiful

Dannii has released a new version of Cos You're Beautiful' for her upcoming This Is It: The Very Best Of, album which will be released on August 23.

Listen below

Record and upload voice >>

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Music: Michael Jackson - Behind The Mask (Unreleased Version)

Michael Jackson's "Behind the Mask" was recorded during the Thriller sessions, but did not appear on the 1982 album. After Jackson's death, an updated version of the song was released, along with a video made from fan contributions. Today, the official video for the song surfaced online.

Friday 9 August 2013

Competition Win Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Will of Fire on Blu-ray

Naruto is back, with more action-packed chakra-charged duels than ever before! As the fate of the ninja world hangs in the balance, Naruto is set to face his most formidable opponent yet, but there are some dangerous obstacles to overcome along the way. Can Naruto’s Will of Fire hold strong?

To celebrate the release of Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Will of Fire (Manga Entertainment UK) which comes to home entertainment Monday 12th August, we have a copy on Blu-ray to give away to one lucky winner!

Has Kakashi betrayed the Leaf Village?! Four ninjas with bloodline limits who have been guarding the Hidden Villages of Cloud, Stone, Mist and Sand disappear from their respective villages. The Land of Fire comes under suspicion as it is the only country to have suffered no loss. Mounting suspicion among the four countries almost brings about a 4th Great Ninja War. In the Hidden Village of Leaf, Tsunade orders her men to keep strict guard against War and to try to find out what really happened. At the same time, it turns out that Kakashi has left the village. The bad news deeply disturbs Naruto and his friends.

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Thursday 1 August 2013

Celeb: Courtney Stodden dons lettuce bikini to promote vegan hotdogs in Hollywood

TV personality Courtney Stodden has donned a revealing lettuce leaf bikini to help promote vegan hotdogs on Hollywood Boulevard. Report by Jeremy Barnes.

Music: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros "Better Days" 07/31/13

Competition: Win Dark Skies on DVD

Dark Skies, the latest box office smash hit nerve-shredder from the producers of Sinister and Insidious ramps up the fear factor, as a family find themselves terrorised by an unknown force. Starring ‘The Americans’ Keri Russell, this hyper-real horror film gets under the skin and abducts your senses! #BewareDarkSkies.

To celebrate the release - it hits DVD and Blu-ray on 5 August 2013 - we have a copy to give away!

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Who directs Dark Skies?


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