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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

TV: Ambassadors: Trailer - BBC Two

Comedy about two hapless British diplomats in the fictional republic of Tazbekistan.

David Mitchell is newly arrived British Ambassador Keith Davies, who is struggling to cope with the demands of his job - and he's not getting much help from Robert Webb's seasoned second in command, Neil Tilly.

The duo are part of a team under constant, competing pressures: pressures from London keen to ensure UK PLC doesn't miss out on lucrative business contracts in an emerging oil rich nation; pressure from his under-funded, under-resourced embassy struggling to maintain an image of Britain as an important global political heavyweight; and pressure to maintain good relations with a rigid, autocratic local regime with a dubious human rights record.

With the 'Prince of Darkness' scrutinising their every move from the Foreign Office in London, slip-ups aren't an option - and yet, little seems to go smoothly.

Wed 23 Oct 2013

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