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Monday, 7 October 2013

TV: Citizen Khan: Series 2 Episode 2 Preview - BBC One

Series 2 Episode 2 of 6
Mr Khan is off to meet the mosque manager, whom he expects will finally get him onto the mosque committee. Naani, Mr Khan's mother-in-law, is visiting from Pakistan. Mrs Khan is worried because she has been doing nothing except stare into space all day. She tells Mr Khan that, until Naani perks up a bit, she will be staying with them indefinitely.

Khan hurries to the mosque to try and enroll Naani onto a course activity and prove to Mrs Khan that Naani can go home, but Khan has a disagreement with the mosque manager. He storms out in a strop and puts plan B in to action, taking Naani to a not-entirely-appropriate alternative venue, where she meets a not-entirely-appropriate new friend.


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