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Friday, 25 October 2013

TV: Citizen Khan: Series 2 Episode 5 Preview - BBC One - The Wifi is down!

Series 2 Episode 5 of 6
Shazia and Amjad are going up in the world; they have managed to get a trial day at an exclusive gym. Mrs Khan is keen to go along to the bums and tums class, but Mr Khan is less impressed. He is more interested in contacting a famous Pakistani cricketer to operate this years's Eid tombola at the mosque. He uses his newfound hobby - the internet- to try and track him down.

Mr Khan thinks he has found a cricketer, and arranges to meet him at the mosque, but the person who shows up is not who he expects, creating a potentially embarrassing situation for the mosque and the Khans. Mr Khan has to race to find Mrs Khan at the gym before she finds out exactly what has happened. Things go from bad to worse as Khan is forced to hide and gets mistaken for a yoga guru.

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