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Friday, 2 May 2014

Celeb: My Opinion on the Jeremy Clarkson Controversy

this is my statement. on TwitpicGot to love the left wing press going after Jeremy Clarkson

Obviously a witch-hunt, but what is more interesting is that the Left Wing BBC are in a tough position, of course they would love to fire Jezza, blame the Tories for world hunger and so on, the problem is that Top Gear is the BBCs biggest and most profitable show world wide. Clarkson and his business partner own 50% of the rights to Top Gear and profit directly from the brand!

So what do the BBC do? Do they do what the left wing press want and fire Jezza for NOT actually saying the N Word, and in turn lose millions and millions as for sure Top Gear would be finished, and Jezza would just turn up on Sky One with a new show, or do they support him?

Jeremy Clarkson did not say the N Word, he made sure his mumbled rhyme never made the air. And he has apologised (see below)

Jeremy Clarkson is a cock, there is no doubt about that, but he is not a racist cause he mumbled a word from a well known rhyme.

To see Jezza's apology click his picture above.

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