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Thursday, 29 May 2014

TV: Alan Davies As Yet Untitled

(Sky 111/232; Virgin 128, HD 194; Freeview 12)
Alan Davies As Yet Untitled

Monday 16th June – Friday 20 June, 10pm

Alan Davies, best known for his lead role in Jonathan Creek and permanent position on the QI panel, hosts this brand new comedy show. The premise is simple; Alan sits round a table with four top funny folk and they talk about anything in front of a studio audience.

Throughout the week Alan is joined at the table by comedians including Bob Mortimer, Noel Fielding, Jason Byrne, Bill Bailey and Ross Noble.

Led by an interesting fact about each guest, anecdotes and hilarious topics of conversation follow. Each episode begins without a title, but by the end Alan and his guests will come up with an appropriate mantle which sums each episode up. Each show has no scripts or rehearsals and the guests don’t have a clue what they are going to be talking about.

Ep1 - Monday 16th June, 10pm
Guests: Noel Fielding, Andrew Maxwell, Kerry Godliman, Jon Ronson
Discussion topics include being detained by the US military, giant rabbits and psychopaths.

Ep2 – Tuesday 17th June, 10pm
Guests: Jason Byrne, Jessica Hynes, Phil Jupitus, Richard Herring
Crucifixion, school discipline and being confused for someone else get talked about tonight.

Ep3 – Wednesday 18th June, 10pm
Guests: Bob Mortimer, Marcus Brigstocke, Katherine Ryan, John Robins
Alan and co discuss podium dancing and Bob’s unusually high back side among other things.

Ep4 – Thursday 19th June, 10pm
Guests: Bill Bailey, Kevin Eldon, Craig Campbell, Isy Suttie
Drunken pirates, kazoos and the head of the Iraqi police all feature in this episode.

Ep5 – Friday, 20th June, 10pm
Guests: Ross Noble, Liza Tarbuck, Colin Lane, Josie Long
Being a child genius and naming a cow after Jarvis Cocker lead the conversation tonight.

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