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Thursday, 12 June 2014

TV: Submarine: Mission Impossible UK Premiere Tuesday 1st July, 9pm

Submarine: Mission Impossible
UK Premiere
Tuesday 1st July, 9pm

This is the gripping story of a submarine with an awesome history, thought lost forever, and the ambitious plans to raise her. It combines a hazardous underwater expedition, with the spine-tingling tale of one of the most audacious missions ever undertaken by a submarine.

Submarine Mission Impossible traces the incredible but true story of the submarine AE2 and her crew; combining a nail-biting dramatised account of their terrifying dive into enemy territory, with a modern-day scientific expedition to determine if the submarine can be saved – 92 years after being sunk in Turkish waters.

In April 1925, the Allies are poised to launch a major landing on the nearby Gallipoli peninsula. Their objective is to open up a new front and knock Turkey out of the war. Crucial to this plan, Lt. Commander Henry Stoker and the crew of AE2 are ordered to break through the heavily defended Dardanelles Straits and wreak havoc on Turkish supply lines.

It was a mission many considered impossible and sure enough on 30th April AE2 was sunk by cannon fire from a Turkish gunboat, never to be seen again… until now. The AE2 was rediscovered in 1998 by a team of Turkish divers, lying in 75 metres of water on the bottom of the Sea of Marmara. After 90 years submerged in salt water, she was deteriorating fast and in 2007 an archaeological expedition was mounted to determine whether the corrosion and damage to AE2's hull had passed the point of no return, or if she could be saved.

(Sky 537, Virgin 203, Freeview 19)

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