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Saturday 31 January 2015

12 Monkeys 1x04 Promo "Atari" (HD)

12 Monkeys 1x04 "Atari"

Official website: http://www.syfy.com/12monkeys
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Syfy12Monkeys/
Official Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/12MonkeysSyfy/

Grimm 4x12 Promo "Maréchaussée" (HD)

Grimm 4x12 "Maréchaussée" - Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate a series of murders that lead back to the Wesen Council and a mysterious bounty hunter (guest star Arnold Vosloo). Elsewhere, Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) meeting with Henrietta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais) brings about more disturbing news than she was expecting. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Viktor (guest start Alexis Denisof) make their way back to Portland. Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, Sasha Roiz and Bree Turner also star.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer (HD)

The official trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5 - premiering April 12th on HBO!

Official website: http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GameOfThrones/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameOfThrones/

Thursday 29 January 2015

Arrow 3x12 Extended Promo "Uprising" (HD)

Arrow 3x12 "Uprising" - Still operating without Oliver (Stephen Amell) and desperate to stop Brick (guest star Vinnie Jones), Team Arrow is forced to consider Malcolm’s (John Barrowman) offer to help shut Brick down as Malcolm has a personal score to settle with the felon. Roy (Colton Haynes) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) point out that the team could use some help to save the innocents of The Glades, but Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is adamantly against it. They look to Diggle to make the final decision. Meanwhile, the flashbacks chronicle Malcolm’s descent from kind-hearted father and husband to cold-blooded killer after the murder of his wife. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Brian Ford Sullivan (#312).

The 100 2x11 Extended Promo "Coup de Grace" (HD)

The 100 2x11 "Coup de Grace" - Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Lincoln’s (Ricky Whittle) attempt to sneak into Mount Weather has brutal consequences. Abby (Paige Turco) fights to stay in control as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) steps up in her new leadership role. Meanwhile, with Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Harper (guest star Chelsey Reist) still missing, a desperate Jasper (Devon Bostick) confronts President Wallace (guest star Raymond Barry) and demands answers. Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Ricky Whittle, Isaiah Washignton and Henry Ian Cusick also star. P.J. Pesce directed the episode written by Charlie Craig (#211). Original airdate 2/4/2015.

The Flash 1x12 Extended Promo "Crazy for You" (HD)

The Flash 1x12 "Crazy for You" - Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) decides that she and Barry (Grant Gustin) need to move on from Ronnie (guest star Robbie Amell) and Iris (Candice Patton) and find new loves so she takes him for a night out at the local karaoke bar. Caitlin doesn’t have any luck making a love connection but Barry meets Linda Park (guest star Malese Jow), a sports reporter for the Central City Picture News, and asks her out on a date. When Barry tells Iris he has a date, Iris is surprised by her reaction. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Ramon) considers Hartley’s (guest star Andy Mientus) dangerous offer and the team searches for Shawna (guest star Britne Oldford), a meta-human with teleportation powers, who just busted her boyfriend Clay (guest star Micah Parker) out of Iron Heights. When Henry (guest star John Wesley Shipps) snoops around in an attempt to help Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry solve the crime, he ends up in the infirmary after getting roughed up by inmates. Rob Hardy directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (#112).

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 2x11 Promo "Aftershocks" (HD)

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 2x11 "Aftershocks" - It was the winter finale with one of the most shocking TV moments of the year. This March, the one team member they’ve finally learned to trust, now has a devastating secret. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday March 3rd on ABC!

Marvel's Agent Carter 1x05 Promo "The Iron Ceiling" (HD)

Marvel's Agent Carter 1x05 "The Iron Ceiling" - Peggy is finally trusted with a mission and calls upon her trusted Howling Commandos squad for backup. But her cover could be at risk when SSR Chief Dooley also sends Agent Thompson with her, on 'Marvel's Agent Carter,' Tuesday, February 3rd on ABC.

Supernatural 10x12 Promo "About a Boy" (HD)

Supernatural 10x12 "About a Boy" - Looking to get Dean (Jensen Ackles) out of the bunker, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds a case for him and Dean to investigate – people are disappearing into thin air with only their clothes left behind. Sam and Dean suspect fairies or angels, but the truth turns out to be much more shocking – Hansel (guest star Mark Acheson), from Hansel and Gretel lore, is kidnapping people and turning them into their younger selves to placate the evil witch (guest star Lesley Nicol). Unfortunately, Dean finds this information out the hard way after he becomes Hansel’s next victim and reverts to his 14 year old self. Serge Ladouceur directed this episode written by Adam Glass (#1011). Original airdate 2/3/2015.

Sleepy Hollow 2x15 Promo "Spellcaster" (HD)

Sleepy Hollow 2x15 "Spellcaster" - After escaping Purgatory, a warlock (guest star Jonathan Schaech) who triggered the Salem witch trials returns to find a dangerous book of spells. Meanwhile, Abbie attempts to trust Frank Irving again, while Henry struggles to find his identity in the all-new 'Spellcaster' episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Monday, February 2nd on FOX.

Gotham 1x14 Promo "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" (HD)

Gotham 1x14 "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" - Fish Mooney reveals a secret of Oswald Cobblepot's, prompting Maroni to take him on a trip to test his loyalty. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock hunt down a killer who targets victims with severe phobias and Bruce Wayne confronts Gordon for failing to make progress on his parents' murder case in the all new 'The Fearsome Dr. Crane' episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, February 2nd on FOX.

Our Guy In India | Sunday, 9pm | Channel 4

Guy Martin sets off on a 1000-mile motorbike trip, exploring a rarely-seen side of modern India as he heads to one of the world's maddest bike races... http://www.channel4.com/programmes/our-guy-in-india

Saturday Night Takeaway 2015: Brand New Trailer

Ant and Dec have beaten the winter blues and are ready to come back to our screens for a brand new series of Saturday Night Takeaway, live from ITV towers in February.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Competition Win Jimmy Neutron - Box Set [DVD]

To celebrate the release of Jimmy Neutron - Box Set on DVD on February 9th, we have got a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away on DVD

In this adventure based on NICK's first 3-D cartoon (JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS), a ten-year-old boy genius, Jimmy Neutron, is forced to deal with typical pre-adolescent pressures: hopelessly clueless parents, fitting in with his peers, and, of course, the inner workings of an intergalactic jet propulsion system stored under his playhouse.

This film was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Animated Feature Film.

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Jimmy Neutron - Box Set
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Competition Closed

Monday 26 January 2015

Secrets and Lies Trailer - ABC (HD) Starring Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis

Ben is out for his usual morning jog when he comes upon the body of young Tom Murphy. After the news begins to spread throughout town, Detective Cornell, who's been assigned to the case, pays Ben a visit for routine questioning. In the blink of an eye, Ben quickly turns from Good Samaritan to murder suspect. As the formidable detective searches for the facts, the media hone in on Ben and his family, and he struggles to escape from the pressure. From that point on, Ben's life is turned upside down as he sets out on a complicated journey to prove his innocence.

ITV - Broadchurch Teaser - Episode 4. Monday 26th January 9pm on ITV

Saturday 24 January 2015

12 Monkeys 1x03 Promo "Cassandra Complex" (HD)

12 Monkeys 1x03 "Cassandra Complex" - Cole's search for the location of the virus leads him to 2014, and to a devastating moment in Dr. Railly's life involving a dangerous outbreak in Haiti.

Helix 2x03 Promo "Scion" (HD)

Helix 2x03 "Scion" - Peter and Jordan leave the safety of the Abbey to retrieve some specimens and discover just what’s living in the woods, meanwhile Sister Amy plots to make them leave forever.

Grimm 4x11 Promo "Death Do Us Part" (HD)

Grimm 4x11 "Death Do Us Part" - Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) are finally off on their honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean trouble isn’t stirring in Portland. Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to a shocking homicide at an abandoned residence many Portland locals think is haunted, even the survivors swear a ghost committed the murder. Meanwhile, on the heels of Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) startling revelation Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) seeks the help of a mystical woman (guest star Garcelle Beauvais) from his past. Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee and Bree Turner also star.

Friday 23 January 2015

The Vampire Diaries 6x12 Extended Promo "Prayer For the Dying"

The Vampire Diaries 6x12 "Prayer For the Dying" - When Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) and Luke’s (guest star Chris Brochu) father arrives to town to celebrate their birthday, they try and convince him to let Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) and Kai (guest star Chris Wood) take their place in the merge ceremony. After Tyler (Michael Trevino) finds out that the merge is happening sooner than he expected, he urges Liv to let him talk to her father. Meanwhile, after Caroline’s (Candice Accola) plan to cure her mother takes an unexpected and devastating turn, Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) gather at the hospital, while Jo attempts to save Sheriff Forbes’ (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) life. Lastly, with the merge set to take place, Damon’s risky plan quickly sends things spiraling out of control, forcing one of the twins to take matters into their own hands. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Brett Matthews & Rebecca Sonnenshine (#612). Original airdate 1/29/2015.

Parenthood - Coming Up: Parenthood Series Finale (Preview)

They saved the best for last. Sneak a peek at Parenthood's series finale, Thursday at 10/9c on NBC.

The Jump | Sunday 1st February | Channel 4

The Jump | Sunday 1st February | Channel 4
Celebrities take on some of the most challenging and dangerous winter sports as they bid to be crowned champion of The Jump

Thursday 22 January 2015

The 100 2x10 Extended Promo "Survival of the Fittest" (HD)

The 100 2x10 "Survival of the Fittest" - Lives are at risk as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) encounter a new emeny. Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) agree to work together to break into Mount Weather. Murphy (guest star Richard Harmon) helps Jaha (Isaiah Washington) confront his past. Meanwhile, Indra (guest star Adina Porter) makes Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) an offer she can’t refuse. Paige Turco and Henry Ian Cusick also star. Dean White directed the episode written by Akela Cooper (#210). Original airdate 1/28/2014.

Arrow 3x11 Extended Promo "Midnight City" (HD)

Arrow 3x11 "Midnight City" - Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Diggle (David Ramsey) confront Laurel (Katie Cassidy) about trying to step into her sister’s shoes and warn her to stop before she gets herself killed. However, when Brick (guest star Vinnie Jones) kidnaps the city’s Aldermen and threatens to kill them all unless the police evacuate The Glades, it’s all suits on deck. Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) steps in to help Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and the police force fight Brick, showing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) a new side of her boss. Malcom (John Barrowman) tells Thea (Willa Holland) that Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) is after him and his family and they must leave town immediately. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Ben Sokolowski (#311). Original airdate 1/28/2015.

Supernatural 10x11 Extended Promo "There's No Place Like Home" (HD)

Supernatural 10x11 "There's No Place Like Home" - Sam (Jared Padalecki) is scanning the internet for suspicious paranormal activity and comes across a video of Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) beating up a district attorney. Dean (Jensen Ackles) suspects she’s back from Oz and hunting on her own, assuming the district attorney must have been a demon. When they do find Charlie, they are shocked when she tells them why she really came back from Oz. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1010). Original airdate 1/27/2015.

The Flash 1x11 Extended Promo "The Sound and the Fury" (HD)

The Flash 1x11 "The Sound and the Fury" - Dr. Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) former protégée, Hartley Rathaway (guest star Andrew Mientus), returns to seek revenge on his mentor after being affected by the particle accelerator explosion. Now able to manipulate sound waves, the brilliant Rathaway is a dangerous threat to both Wells and The Flash (Grant Gustin). Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) is thrilled when she’s hired by the Central City Picture News as their newest cub reporter. Unfortunately, her editor (guest star Tom Butler) pairs her with a veteran reporter, Mason Bridge (guest star Roger Howarth), who wants nothing to do with her. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) recalls his first day on the job at S.T.A.R. Labs when he met Hartley and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks Eddie (Rick Cosnett) for a favor but asks him to keep it a secret from Barry. John Showalter directed the episode written by Alison Schapker & Brooke Eikmier (#111). Original airdate 1/27/2015.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sleepy Hollow 2x14 Promo "Kali Yuga" (HD)

Sleepy Hollow 2x14 "Kali Yuga" - With the help of Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny, Nick Hawley faces off against his evil childhood caretaker, and Captain Frank Irving adjusts to his new... life(?)... .in the all-new 'Kali Yuga' episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Monday, January 26th on FOX.

Gotham 1x13 Promo "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" (HD)

Gotham 1x13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" - When the key witness in a homicide ends up dead while being held for questioning by the police, Gordon suspects that it's an inside job and looks to an old friend for information. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot takes control of one of Fish Mooney's prized possessions, as she gets a gets a small taste of her own medicine in the all new 'Welcome Back, Jim Gordon' episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Jan. 26th on FOX.

Competition: Win Seventh Sword on DVD

To celebrate the release of Seventh Sword on DVD on January 26th, we have got a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away on DVD

Maltese action feature set in the 1300s. After a lengthy battle, five weary soldiers led by Tristan de Leon (Andrei Claude) embark on the return journey south to their homeland. Along their path they request shelter for the night at a castle under the command of Lord William (Henry Zammit Cordina) who begrudgingly offers them a room.

Once inside Tristan becomes infatuated with a mysterious girl known as Adormidera (Audrey Harrison), but as he tries to get closer to her the hospitality of those inside the castle quickly disappears. Strange occurrences in the castle start to become more apparent to its new residents but Tristan can't seem to escape the bewitchment of Adormidera.

Win This
Seventh Sword [DVD]

Competition Closed

Monday 19 January 2015

Resurrection 2x13 Promo "Love in Return" (HD) Season Finale

Resurrection 2x13 "Love in Return" (Season Finale) - Get ready for the Ressurection Season 2 finale, next Sunday on ABC!

Togetherness Season 1: Trailer (HBO)

Don’t miss new episodes of Togetherness, the new HBO original series from brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, every Sunday at 9:30PM, only on HBO.

Saturday 17 January 2015

Grimm 4x10 Promo "Tribunal" (HD)

Grimm 4x10 "Tribunal" - After Monroe’s (Silas Weir Mitchell) abduction by the Wesenrein, Nick (David Giuntoli) gathers the whole team, including Wu (Reggie Lee), to track him down and return him to Rosalee (Bree Turner). As the search intensifies, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) learns more about her new reality as a Hexenbiest. Russell Hornsby and Sasha Roiz also star.

Helix 2x02 Promo "Reunion" (HD)

Helix 2x02 "Reunion" - Jordan discovers Alan, Peter’s brother, is a member of Brother Michael’s cult, but despite Alan’s warnings she and Peter refuse to leave the Abbey and continue to investigate how Soren became infected.

12 Monkeys 1x02 Promo "Mentally Divergent" (HD)

By 2043, a virus has wiped out most of the world's population. One time traveler, Cole, must journey to 2015 to stop the virus from ever happening.

12 Monkeys 1x02 "Mentally Divergent" - The trail of a mysterious organization called the “Army of the 12 Monkeys” leads Cole to a mental institution in 2015, where a patient holds the key to the plague that destroys the world. Meanwhile, despite warnings that her involvement may disrupt the course of history, Dr. Railly risks her life to help him.


Friday 16 January 2015

Catastrophe S1-Ep1 | Channel 4 - I Have Some Good News

Catastrophe | Monday, 10pm | Channel 4
Rob Delaney (comedian and bestselling author) and Sharon Horgan (award-winning actress and star/co-writer of Pulling) will write and star in new series Catastophe. It's a 6 x 30 comedy following an Irish woman (Sharon Horgan) and an American man (Rob Delaney) who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London.

The Vampire Diaries - Woke up with a Monster Trailer

Life's too short to dwell on the past. Don't miss the epic return of TVD Thursday at 8/7c!

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Community Season 6 Debuts on March 17th -

Class is back in session at Greendale on March 17th! Yahoo used the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour today to reveal the debut date of Community: Season 6 via the following video, featuring the cast and creator Dan Harmon.

Forever 1x14 Promo "Hitler on the Half-Shelf" (HD)

Forever 1x14 "Hitler on the Half-Shelf" - A murder opens the door to a horde of Nazi secrets and the return of an old enemy. An all-new Forever, Tuesday February 3rd on ABC.

Marvel's Agent Carter 1x04 Promo "The Blitzkrieg Button" (HD)

Marvel's Agent Carter 1x04 "The Blitzkrieg Button" - Peggy may be in more trouble than usual when fugitive Howard Stark suddenly returns for mysterious reasons. And Chief Dooley chases a new clue all the way to Europe that threatens to destroy Peggy's future at the SSR, on Marvel's Agent Carter, Tuesday, January 27th on ABC.

Girls Season 4: Trailer (HBO)

Don't miss new episodes of Girls every Sunday at 9PM, only on HBO.

Togetherness Season 1: Trailer (HBO)

Don’t miss new episodes of Togetherness, the new HBO original series from brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, every Sunday at 9:30PM, only on HBO.