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Sunday, 19 April 2015

The C Word: Trailer - BBC One

The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch’s inspiring and candid book about her experience of cancer, based on her popular blog which was launched shortly after her diagnosis in 2008.
Adapted by Nicole Taylor, this film is a defiant, ballsy account which captures the no-nonsense and witty style of Lisa’s writing and personality. Made in-house by BBC Drama Production.

Sheridan Smith plays Lisa in this modern love story that begins when she is first diagnosed with breast cancer. Twenty eight years old and newly married to Pete, a man she is crazy about.  She’s right at the start of things, her life going in the right direction and in the order she planned it. Then out of the blue, the life-altering event that changes everything. One minute her life was normal, the next, in an instant, that normality was gone.

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