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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

World’s Cutest Cowboy | World's Cutest Cowboy | Channel 4

World’s Cutest Cowboy

10-year old bull rider Lance Lara is the adorable rising star of the Texas rodeo circuit. He’s desperate to become a professional bull rider - but can he prove his mettle at one of the most important bull riding competitions of the year?

Coming from a dyed-in-the-wool rodeo family, Lance has been bull riding since he was four. He uses his winnings from competitions to save for college - he’s managed 14 bucks and 71 cents so far.

Bull riding is described as the most dangerous organised sport on the planet - an estimated 1 in 15 rides end in injury, making the sport ten times more dangerous than American football. Yet it’s the fastest growing sport in the US and a multi-million dollar business.

Check out the website: www.channel4.com/unreportedworld

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