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Monday 31 October 2016

Aftermath 1x06 Promo "Madame Sosostris" (HD)

Aftermath 1x06 "Madame Sosostris" - The family splits up, with Josh leading his group to a nearby university in hopes of finding a seemingly prophetic professor. Meanwhile, Karen and her group set out to replenish their supplies at a summer camp.

Shadowhunters Season 2 "At War" Promo (HD)

Don’t miss the Shadowhunters Season 2 premiere on Monday January 2nd, 2017 at 8pm/7c, only on Freeform.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Nashville Season 5 "Returns in January" Promo (HD)

Good news Nashies: Nashville has a new home for the upcoming fifth season! Check out this promo for Nashville Season 5 premiering Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 9/8c on CMT.

Saturday 29 October 2016

Gotham Season 3 "The Tea Party Begins" Promo (HD)

Your presence has been requested, for it is time to be tested. The Mad Hatter has arranged for a special tea party that will push Gordon to make some dark decisions.

Friday 28 October 2016

Derren Brown presents a Halloween Horror special on C4

In a Halloween special, presented by Derren Brown, to be aired on Channel 4, Mon 31 Oct, 11pm, three unsuspecting members of the public get a horror experience like no other.

Inspired by classics such as Hammer House and Tales of the Unexpected, a team of writers create three tales that blur fact and fiction and where fear takes over. Assisted by family and friends, with the aid of actors, our innocent victims find themselves transported into darkly twisted life stories, becoming central figures in creepily playful worlds

Produced by Matt Crook Productions

Derren Brown Presents Twisted Tales is broadcast on Monday 31 Oct, 11pm.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Supernatural 12x03 Sneak Peek "The Foundry" (HD)

Supernatural 12x03 "The Foundry" Sneak Peek - When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary (guest star Samantha Smith), Sam (Jared Padelicki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel’s (Misha Collins) hunt for Lucifer (guest star Rick Springfield) leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Robert Berens wrote the episode directed by Robert Singer (#1203). Original airdate 10/27/2016.

Designated Survivor 1x06 Promo "The Interrogation" (HD)

Designated Survivor 1x06 "The Interrogation" - When shots ring out at The White House during a Governors Summit, President Kirkman’s plans at electing a new Congress are thrown into turmoil, while Agent Hannah Wells continues investigating the Capitol bombing and makes one of her most shocking discoveries yet on ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” Wednesday, November 9th on ABC.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesignatedSurvivorABC/

Falling Water 1x03 Promo "Monsters, Most Familiar" (HD)

Falling Water 1x03 "Monsters, Most Familiar" - Taka takes a closer look at the cult; Burton meets a mysterious CEO while on a business trip; and Tess discovers difficult information at her mother's house.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x03 Extended Promo "Shogun" (HD)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x03 "Shogun" Extended Promo - Nate (Nick Zano) is shocked to learn that he has powers but then accidentally lands himself and Ray (Brandon Routh) in Feudal Japan. After Sara (Caity Lotz) convinces their stowaway Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), AKA Vixen, that Rory (Dominic Purcell) is not a murderer, they all agree to find Nate and help him master his powers in order to defend the Japanese village from the Shogun and his army of samurai warriors. Meanwhile, Jax (Franz Drameh) and Stein (Victor Garber) stay back to help fix the ship and find a secret compartment but decide not to tell the rest of the team what they learn. Kevin Tancharoen directed the episode written by Phil Klemmer & Grainne Godfree (#203). Original airdate 10/27/2016.

Van Helsing 1x07 Promo "For Me" (HD)

Van Helsing 1x07 "For Me" - Vanessa and Axel lead the hospital's last stand against a siege by Julius and his vampire soldiers; Dmitri's arrival with his vampire ``Death Squad'' reveals a possible civil war brewing among the two vampire factions.

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Designated Survivor 1x05 Sneak Peeks "The Mission" (HD)

Designated Survivor 1x05 "The Mission" Sneak Peek - Realizing his attempts at diplomacy with Algeria have failed, President Kirkman makes the difficult decision of sending Navy SEALs on a mission that will define his presidency. Meanwhile, as the investigation into the Capitol bombing continues, Agent Hannah Wells discovers more secrets than answers, on ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” Wednesday, October 26th on ABC.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesignatedSurvivorABC/

24: Legacy (FOX) "The Clock Resets" & "New Hero, New Day" Trailers

The clock will reset after the Super Bowl with the premiere of 24: LEGACY on FOX.

Arrow 5x04 Sneak Peek "Penance" (HD)

Arrow 5x04 "Penance" Sneak Peek - Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) team up on a secret mission for Diggle (David Ramsey). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) finds out and disapproves of the plan and opts to stay behind. When Tobias Church (guest star Chad L. Coleman) launches a deadly assault against the city, Felicity must decide if she wants to send the recruits out sans the Green Arrow. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Brian Ford Sullivan & Oscar Balderrama (#504). Original airdate 10/26/2016.

Supernatural 12x03 Promo "The Foundry" (HD)

Supernatural 12x03 "The Foundry" - When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary (guest star Samantha Smith), Sam (Jared Padelicki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel’s (Misha Collins) hunt for Lucifer (guest star Rick Springfield) leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Robert Berens wrote the episode directed by Robert Singer (#1203). Original airdate 10/27/2016.

Once Upon a Time 6x06 Promo "Dark Waters" (HD)

Once Upon a Time 6x06 "Dark Waters" - Captain Hook has faced the impossible on the high seas, but never 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Once Upon a Time is new next Sunday on ABC!

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Mom Season 4 Promo (HD)

Bonnie and Adam’s relationship is tested when he moves in with her and Christy for a few weeks. Also, Christy learns the hard way that it may be a mistake to try and meet men with Jill, on the fourth season premiere of MOM, Thursday, October 27th on CBS.

Westworld 1x05 Promo "Contrapasso" (HD)

Westworld 1x05 "Contrapasso" - Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) reach Pariah, a town built on decadence and transgression — and are recruited for a dangerous mission. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) meets an unlikely ally in his search to unlock the maze.

Monday 24 October 2016

The Vampire Diaries 8x01 Inside "Hello Brother" (HD)

The Vampire Diaries 8x01 "Hello Brother" Inside - Season 8 begins with Stefan searching for Damon and Enzo after they mysteriously vanished months ago from the Armory vault. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric fear that someone is targeting their family after they encounter an unexpected visitor.

Supergirl 2x03 Sneak Peek "Welcome to Earth"

Supergirl 2x03 "Welcome to Earth" Sneak Peek #2 - An attack is made on the President (guest star Lynda Carter) as hot-button, alien vs. human rights issues heat up in National City. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the DEO are assigned to protect the President and bring in the responsible party. Alex (Chyler Leigh) teams up with Detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) to investigate the case while Kara searches for a recently escaped Mon-El (Chris Wood), who she fears may be the alien behind the assault. Rachel Talalay directed the episode written by Jessica Queller and Derek Simon (#203). Original airdate 10/24/2016.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 "The Well" Promo (HD)

The Walking Dead 7x02 "The Well" - For a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.

Bad-ass Teen TV Heroes

Our TV screens are filled with incredibly heroic characters who battle to make the world a better place.

Often the odds are stacked against them as they try to hide their identity, and disguise their unnatural abilities. Joining iZombie’s heroine, Liv, are a whole host of young teen heroes who overcome obstacles to right wrongs and save the world from impending destruction, compiled to celebrate the release of the first series of iZombie.

Liv wakes up after attending a party that was gatecrashed by zombies, and finds herself amongst the ranks of the living dead with a thirst for human brains. With her human soul still intact, she works for the morgue for access to brainy sustenance without having to kill anyone, using her special abilities imbibed from the eaten brains to help the police solve murders.

Veronica Mars
Veronica’s father has been disgraced and removed from his office as the Sheriff and Veronica has been ostracised by her privileged and spoilt friends, the ‘09ers’. When her best friend Lilly is brutally slain, she works alongside her father as a private investigator to try to find who is responsible for her death and bring them to justice.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers has the gift/curse of being the ‘Chosen One’, with superhuman strength and an ability to slay pesky vampires. Just a teenager, Buffy faces the trials and tribulations of high school, in addition to battling to save the world from apocalypse, demons, vampires, werewolves, witches and rogue slayers.

Young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle befriend one another in the perilous world of Gotham, as Bruce hunts for those responsible for the brutal murder of his parents. Under the watchful protection of a young Jim Gordon, fighting to eradicate the corruption of Gotham’s police department, the two youngsters hone their special talents whilst villains hunt them.

Heroes Reborn
‘Evolved Humans’ or ‘Evos’ are ordinary people gifted with extraordinary abilities. When the government blames them for a series of terrorist attacks, Evos are forced into hiding whilst being hunted for punishment for crimes they didn’t commit. A continuation of the ‘Heroes’ series, old characters return and new heroes are born as they battle to prove their innocence.

Young criminals in a detention centre develop supernatural abilities after being exposed to an electrical storm. When their probation officer is driven insane by the storm, and accidentally killed in self-defence by the youngsters, the group try to cover up the death. The new probation officer is the fiancee of the murdered guard, intent on discovering the truth.

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Monsters With Feelings

It’s a cold heart indeed that can resist a bad guy or gal gone good, even more so if they’re monstrously inclined. Just like Liv in iZombie, not all monsters are evildoers, in fact some strive for goodness despite the odds being stacked against them. Here’s a countdown of the greatest monsters with a heart to celebrate the release of season one of iZombie.

iZombie - Liv
When Liv awakens to discover she is a zombie, she’s not giving up being a human that easily. Refusing to kill, she joins the coroner’s office to feast on brains of already-dead people. However, when she realises it’s the deceased’s memories in addition to their brains that she’s imbibing, she decides to help the police catch their murderers with her new psychic abilities.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket, Groot, Drax, Gamora
A misfit bunch of aliens and animal experiments, this team of thieves, mercenaries and rapscallions prove to have hearts of gold when faced with the obliteration of the galaxy as they know it, banding together to save all life, human or not. And without the prospect of being remunerated for their efforts, too.

Gremlins - Gizmo
The sweetest little furball ever there was, but ‘mogwai’ Gizmo carries a monstrous secret within him; the ability to spawn evil doppelgangers if he gets wet. If fed after midnight, these furballs transform into scaly-skinned devils intent on murder, destruction and ultimately, populating the world with fellow monsters. Can they be stopped by Gizmo and his human, Randall?

Lilo and Stitch - Stitch
Stitch is alien experiment number ‘626’, who is designed to destroy everything. When he escapes his intergalactic prison and lands in Hawaii, he is adopted by Lilo who mistakes him for a rescue dog. Lilo is being raised by her older sister and her antics have alerted social services, who are threatening to take Lilo away. Will Stitch’s destructiveness split up Lilo’s ‘ohana’?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel
Angel (David Boreanaz) is the vampire with a soul, cursed by the gypsies because he tortured and drained their favourite daughter, and doomed to live forever haunted by his past atrocities. Angel (the vampire) falls in love with Buffy (the slayer), and when she falls for him in return, it sets Angel on a path to losing his newly-regained soul in their doomed partnership.

Curmudgeonly ogre Shrek has a kind heart under his warty, and ill-mannered exterior. When the fairytale character-hating Lord Farquaad exiles every fantastical creature from the kingdom to Shrek’s swamp, he is not happy, and travels to convince the Lord to repatriate them and return his solitude, which he agrees to do if Shrek can rescue Princess Fiona.

Beauty and the Beast
The terrifyingly bad-tempered Beast was enchanted as punishment for his vanity and cruelty when he was human and is confined to reclusivity in his beautiful castle. When Belle, searching for her missing father, stumbles across his castle, the Beast falls for her, but can she overcome her fear of his appearance?

The Incredible Hulk
One of the most tortured superheroes of all time, the Hulk’s alter ego Dr. Bruce Banner was poisoned by a chemical accident, and his exposure to gamma rays means he is doomed to lose himself to the Hulk every time he gets angry. Hunted down by the military, the Hulk tries to hide his identity and to limit his emotional outbursts that result in his change.

Quasimodo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Misshapen orphan Quasimodo is cast away by his horrified mother and raised by an evil priest who keeps him locked away from humans, ringing the bells of Notre Dame. When beautiful gypsy Esmeralda hides in the church for sanctuary, Quasi falls in love. But as hideously malformed as he is, can he win her love in return?

Wade Wilson was a special forces commando, who discovers he is riddled with cancer. In a failed experiment promised to cure his cancer, but comprised mostly of torture, Wade is left hideously disfigured, and disguises himself as masked vigilante ‘Deadpool’, to protect his loved ones from the scientists searching for him.

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Sunday 23 October 2016

Divorce (HBO) Trailer HD

Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO in the new comedy series, Divorce. Parker stars as Frances, a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought.

Friday 21 October 2016


Brain app├ętit! Tuck into iZOMBIE: The Complete First Season when it arrives on DVD October 24. The new hit series stars Rose McIver (Once Upon a Time, Masters of Sex), Malcolm Goodwin (Breakout Kings), Rahul Kohli (Eastenders), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill) and David Anders (Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries). To celebrate the DVD release of iZombie we’re giving you the chance to win a copy!

Olivia 'Liv' Moore, a medical resident on the fast track to a perfect life, until she's turned into a zombie. Now stuck between half-alive and undead, Liv transfers to the city morgue to reluctantly access the only thing that allows her to maintain her humanity, human brains. But there are side effects to Liv's new diet. With each brain she consumes, she experiences flashes of the corpse's memories including, at times, clues as to how they were killed. Her boss, a brilliant but eccentric conspiracy theorist, encourages her to embrace this gift and to work with an eager, unproven homicide detective to help solve these murders and quiet the voices in her head.

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Oooh Hollywood! The glitz, the glam…the Headless Horseman?! Join Scoobs, Shaggy and the Mystery Inc. gang as they find themselves in a tinsel-town twist! Scooby and the gang are back – this time in LEGO® Scooby-Doo! : Haunted Hollywood released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on October 24th and we’re giving you the chance to win your very own copy.

On a VIP tour of the legendary ‘Brickton Studios’ in Hollywood, Scooby and friends find themselves starring in their very own thriller when some old movie monsters drop in for a creepy casting call. The ghostly goings on have already frightened away the cast and crew of Brickton’s latest film production and now the studio faces closure. Can Scooby and the gang solve the mystery of the spooky studio and save it from closing down? Grab your Scooby Snacks and settle in for a Scooby ‘bricktacular’ adventure in LEGO® Scooby Doo!: Haunted Hollywood. Available to pre-order now at Amazon.co.uk

To be in with a chance of winning this brilliant prize, simply watch the trailer and answer the question below.

1) The lighthouse Scooby and Shaggy escape from is painted in which two colours?

A. Yellow and Blue
B. Red and White
C. Green and White

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Thursday 20 October 2016

Falling Water 1x02 Promo "Calling the Vasty Deep" (HD)

Falling Water 1x02 "Calling the Vasty Deep" - Burton questions whether the Woman in Red exists beyond his dreams; Tess learns how to navigate into others' dreams; and Taka connects the group suicide to unexpected sources.

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Supernatural 12x02 Promo "Mamma Mia" (HD)

Supernatural 12x02 "Mamma Mia" - Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) have a lead on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable with putting Mary in danger but she insists on going along. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is tipped off that Lucifer has taken over the body of rock star Vince Vicente (guest star Rick Springfield). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#1202). 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x02 Extended Promo "The Justice Society of America" (HD)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x02 "The Justice Society of America" Extended Promo - The Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, but find themselves surrounded by the Justice Society of America (AKA JSA.) The Legends discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA wants nothing to do with them or their help. Nevertheless, the Legends force their way into the JSA’s mission to intercept and seize a mysterious package. Nate (Nick Zano) is desperate to prove that he should be part of the team, but he has a secret that he shares with his grandfather Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull) that might make it difficult. Ray (Brandon Routh) is so focused on impressing the JSA, he puts himself and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) in danger. Meanwhile, Stein (Victor Garber) has stepped in as the leader with Rip (Arthur Darvill) gone, but when decisions aren’t being made Sara (Caity Lotz) seems to be the one calling the shots. Dominic Purcell and Franz Drameh also star. Michael Grossman directed the episode written by Chris Fedak & Sarah Nicole Jones (#202). Original airdate 10/20/2016.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 4x04 Sneak Peek "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire"

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 4x04 "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire" Sneak Peek #2 - As Ghost Rider’s quest for vengeance brings him into an explosive confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and Mack must rely on an unlikely ally in their time of desperate need; and Daisy reunites with a familiar face to stop the Watchdogs, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tuesday, October 18th on ABC.

Westworld (HBO) "Maeve" Promo HD

Elsie (Shannon Woodward) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) head into the hills in pursuit of a missing host. Teddy (James Marsden) gets a new backstory, which sets him off in pursuit of a new villain, leaving Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) alone in Sweetwater. Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) investigates the origins of madness and hallucinations within the hosts. William (Jimmi Simpson) finds an attraction he’d like to pursue and drags Logan (Ben Barnes) along for the ride.

Competition: Win The UK Gold [DVD]

The UK Gold is released on DVD October 24th. And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and 3 copies on DVD to give away.

Featuring a brand new soundtrack from Radioheads Thom Yorke, Massive Attack and Elbow and narrated by Dominic West (The Wire), journalist Mark Donne has put together a fascinating documentary exposing the tax avoidance industry operated by the highly secretive, centuries old institution, The City of London.

The UK Gold takes a powerful swipe against the British Empire behind the white gloves, and tells the story of a contemporary crisis and an ancient practice, which shows how deep deception is ingrained in our proudest institutions and traditions.

Nominated for a F:ACT Award at the CPH:DOX 2013.

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Terms and conditions
1. Closing date 31-10-16
2. No alternative prize is available
3. When the competition ends as indicated on this page, any and all entries received after this point will not count and emails blacklisted due to not checking this page first.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.

Sunday 16 October 2016

The Blacklist 4x05 Promo "The Lindquist Concern" (HD)

The Blacklist 4x05 "The Lindquist Concern" - Liz's (Megan Boone) loyalties are tested as Red (James Spader) takes action on an operation to intercept Alexander Kirk. Meanwhile the Task Force races to find a killer who targets inventors of revolutionary technology. Christine Lahti guest stars.

Supergirl 2x02 Sneak Peek "The Last Children of Krypton" (HD)

Supergirl 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton" Sneak Peek - CADMUS attacks National City with a kryptonite powered villain who ends up seriously hurting Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) blames Hank (David Harewood) because the kryptonite was stolen from the DEO. Meanwhile, Kara’s first day at her new job doesn’t go as planned after she meets her new boss, Snapper Carr (guest star Ian Gomez). Glen Winter directed the episode written by Robert Rovner & Caitlin Parrish (#202). Original airdate 10/17/2016.

Saturday 15 October 2016

Van Helsing 1x06 Promo "Nothing Matters" (HD)

Van Helsing 1x06 "Nothing Matters" - Fighting for survival continues on a new #VanHelsing, next Friday at 10/9c.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Supernatural Season 12 Trailer (HD)

Mary Winchester joins the hunt on the season premiere of Supernatural, next Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.

Tuesday 11 October 2016

The Flash Season 3 "Big Mistake" Trailer (HD)

When the past is broken, repair the present. The Flash Season 3 is new Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW!

Monday 10 October 2016

Frequency 1x02 Promo "Signal and Noise" (HD)

Frequency 1x02 "Signal and Noise" - When Raimy (Peyton List) and Frank (Riley Smith) speak over the ham-radio and she lets him know that her mom will be murdered unless Frank can figure out a way to warn her, she also delivers devastating news regarding Stan Moreno (Anthony Ruivivar). Meanwhile, in 2016, Raimy follows a lead in the Nightingale case, and in 1996, Frank and Satch (Mekhi Phifer) work together to follow the same lead. Devin Kelley, Daniel Bonjour and Lenny Jacobson also star. John Kretchmer directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#102). Original airdate 10/12/2016.

Sunday 9 October 2016

Arrow 5x02 Extended Promo "The Recruits" (HD)

Arrow 5x02 "The Recruits" Extended Promo - Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) new recruits for Team Arrow are Curtis (Echo Kellum), Wild Dog (guest star Rick Gonzalez) and Evelyn Sharp (guest star Madison McLaughlin). Unfortunately, the Green Arrow’s training methods prove to be too much for some of them to handle. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Oliver’s initiation into the Bratva continues. James Bamford directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Beth Schwartz (#502). Original airdate 10/12/2016.

Saturday 8 October 2016

The Blacklist 4x04 Promo "Gaia" (HD)

The Blacklist 4x04 "Gaia" - As Red (James Spader) sets Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force on the trail of an eco-terrorist with a mysterious connection to Alexander Kirk, Tom (Ryan Eggold) takes matters into his own hands.

Black Mirror | Official Trailer - Season 3 [HD] | Netflix

In this world, it's easy to lose sight of what's real... Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns on Netflix October 21.