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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Nightflyers (Syfy) First Look Trailer HD - George R. R. Martin Sci-Fi series

Set in 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller that follows a team of scientists to the edge of the solar system to find a mysterious alien ship. Coming fall 2018 to Syfy.

First news about Syfy developing a series based on Martins books spread in 2016, later in 2017 it was announced, it would rather be based on the film adaption from 1987.

George R.R. Martin will not be involved directly with the series (but will be named an executive producer anyway) through his exclusive contracts with HBO.

The series will start its production on location in Limerick Ireland and also at the Limerick based Troy Studios in early 2018, with Daniel Cerone being the showrunner and one of the series executive producers joined by Gene Klein, David Bartis, and Doug Liman of Hypnotic, Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta Rosenzweig Films as well as Lloyd Ivan Miller and Alice P. Neuhauser of Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions.

Also it was announced, that Netflix joined the series, being a coproducer and holding international airing rights beside secondary airing rights in the U.S.

Gretchen Mol as Dr. Agatha Matheson
Eoin Macken as Karl D’Branin
David Ajala as Roy Eris
Sam Strike as Thale
Maya Eshet as Lommie
Angus Sampson as Rowan
Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha Jhirl
BrĂ­an F. O’Byrne as Auggie

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