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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Bad Move - Episode 2 Preview

Series overview
In this second series of Bad Move, the rose-tinted fantasy of an idyllic country lifestyle proves to be further away than ever from Nicky (Kerry Godliman) and Steve (Jack Dee). Their crumbling wreck of a house continues to throw problems at them - they have to deal with everything from an infestation of moths to a septic tank that's 'backing up' as Ken charmingly puts it.

Episode 2
Steve is about to land a big contract for his web design business. It would provide Nicky and Steve with a much needed financial lifeline.

Imelda, the potential client, is a highly successful interior designer. A meeting at her  office goes well – but in an attempt to impress her, Steve foolishly brags about the amazing renovation job that he and Nicky have done to their idyllic country cottage. It's a lie that comes back to haunt him when Imelda announces that she wants to come out and see it. The chances of landing the contract seem slim – especially as Nicky has just discovered that the drain smell in the house is being caused by a septic tank that's 'backing up' as her father Ken charmingly puts it.

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