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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Take That celebrate 30th anniversary with special programme on BBC One

One of Britain’s most successful and well-known bands will be celebrated in a special one-off programme coming to BBC One later this year as Take That celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Take That and Us will feature fans from all over the country and beyond sharing their stories of how the most successful boy band in UK chart history touched their lives - and in some cases, changed their world completely.

Made by Indigo Television, Take That and Us (1x60') will film the boys reacting to stories, adding their own favourite memories into the mix, and reflecting on moments as they share some early footage of their own - a hoard of exclusive previously unseen material shot by the band across the years.

Take That fans are also being encouraged to share their own stories for possible inclusion in the programme by visiting www.mytakethatstory.com. On the site, anecdotes about meeting the band and stories about how Take That had an impact on people’s lives can be securely uploaded via video and considered for inclusion in the programme.

Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC, says: “This entertaining programme will shine a light on how everything changes as we celebrate the band and the music they’ve created over an incredible career.”

Producers Indigo TV said: “It's incredible to think that Take That and their music have been part of our lives and entertaining us for nearly three decades.  As we - and the band - will discover in this close–up 30th anniversary special, Take That have influenced a generation of fans and sometimes in ways you might not expect..!"

But the final word goes to Take That themselves who said: “Has it really been 30 years? There’s only one way to find out we said, as we accepted the offer of taking a closer look at our three decades in music. We’ve handed over our own personal camcorders from the 90s, we’ve asked fans to share their stories from over the years and we’re bringing the story up to date by sharing some behind the scenes from our lives today as we prepare for the launch of our Greatest Hits record"

Take That and Us will be broadcast on BBC One later this year.

Take That and Us is an Indigo Television production for BBC One. The producer is Andy Bates and the executive producer is Kim Turberville. The programme was commissioned for BBC One by Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Rachel Ashdown.

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