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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Five mums get behind the camera in bold new series, Mums Make Porn

More and more young people are learning about sex for the first time via easily accessible hard-core pornography. Children and teenagers across the UK are viewing uncensored material through their devices, to the great concern of many parents.

Mums Make Porn is a bold and unique three-part series which will follow five ordinary mums as they confront the impact of easy access porn on their kids and shine a light on the issues relating to young people’s attitude toward sex today. Combining focused journalism with warm and mischievous entertainment, the mums will explore the world of modern pornography to produce their own 12-minute porn film.

Their mission - to create a film which not only works as pornography but promotes healthy attitudes towards sex and relationships for the next generation. The mums will have the power to show exactly how they want to handle the issues that matter to them most as parents, whether body image, consent, or ethnic diversity.

Working with industry experts, including prolific adult filmmaker and celebrated feminist Erika Lust, the mums will be given all the tools they need to have complete control – from writing and casting, to directing and editing their fully mum-approved pornographic film. From standing just out of shot on a small porn set to positioning and lighting the ‘adult’ cast on their own production, the mums will fully immerse themselves in every aspect of the porn industry, will face every emotion, and challenge their own morals in the process.

With pornography currently high on the political agenda, as new laws on how porn is accessed online, and age verification systems are schedule to be introduced across the UK later this year, Mums Make Porn could not be more relevant.

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