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Tuesday 25 June 2019

Sarah Payne: The Untold Story

Thursday 4th July 2019
9.00pm - 10.00pm

“When I think about her, I think of her playing with her brothers and her sister. If those were her last moments on this earth, then that’s what I would have chosen for her… That must have been a lovely afternoon for them. Both the boys are dads now. I can live with her not being here any more. I can’t live with them not being able to live their lives because she’s not. And I can’t have him [Roy Whiting] take any more than he took. He took enough that day and I won’t give him any more.” - Sara Payne
In this new documentary for ITV’s Crime & Punishment strand, Susanna Reid speaks to Sara Payne about the murder of her eight-year-old daughter Sarah, reflecting on the devastating impact it has had on her family, and the lasting legacy of her death nearly 20 years on.
The abduction and murder of Sarah Payne from a field near her grandparents’ home in Sussex in July 2000 shocked the nation, particularly when it was revealed the culprit Roy Whiting was a convicted paedophile who had committed a similar crime - though not murdered the girl - some years previously. 
Sarah’s mother campaigned to change the law, allowing concerned parents access to the sex offender register, and succeeded in changing the criminal justice system. A decade on, as she turns 50, Sara Payne gives Susanna a vivid insight into her daughter, her family and the effects the murder and ensuing court case had on those left behind in their wake.
Featuring interviews with Sarah’s brothers and sister, as well as her grandparents, who have never spoken before, the documentary explores the case from the Payne family’s perspective, going behind the headlines to explore how they coped at the time, and the long-lasting impact it has had on all of them.
This is an Optomen production for ITV

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