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Monday 18 November 2019

Most Terrifying Ghost Towns in the World

Throughout history, in one way or another, entire villages disappeared or were devastated by natural disasters, radioactive threats, entire populations fled for fear of death.

These places became intriguing and often adventurous sources for many intrepid people who dare to visit them.

Here are some of the creepiest sites around the globe.

Japan: Hashima Island
This site had its peak at the end of the 18th century due to its known underwater coal mines. The island had its population peak in 1960 reaching about 5000 individuals, including miners and their respective families.

Years later, the mines began to dry up, and around 1974 almost the entire population had to emigrate. After this, the prosperity of the island went out.

Now abandoned, Hashima Island is visited by tourists who walk its streets, visit its abandoned houses and shops. A certain air of terror sets the former mining town.

Italy: Craco
This city was founded around the 8th century but was devastated by several natural disasters, including:

1963: Evacuation of the city due to a significant landslide.
1972: A flood conditioned the stay of the locals.
1980: The city was completely abandoned due to a strong earthquake.

The city, currently located on the tip of a hill, miraculously saves the bust of the Virgin Mary, due to which, it still gathers visitors to celebrate religious festivals throughout the year.

Namibia: Kolmanskop
With an out of place aspect, this ghost town had its peak in the early 1900s. The German miners were those who inhabited the town in the middle of the desert to look for the precious diamonds in the area.

The Germans brought their architecture, which gave a singular air to the place in the middle of nowhere.

After World War I, the city began to lose its peak. In 1928 the real decline began due to the discovery of a new area along the coast, rich in diamonds, leaving a gloomy and abandoned city.

In the nearby city of Lüderitz, you can book walks to Kolmanskop, which was gradually being eaten by the vast desert.

Alaska: Kennecott
This city, now of terror, was known for its mills. During the years 1911 and 1938, it produced millions of dollars for copper production, until the day the supply was exhausted. By becoming a city without much to offer, residents began to leave their homes and small businesses, leaving behind a desolate city sad and corroded with terror.

The city was totally like a ghost town in the 50s. Finally, in 1986 it became a National Historic Landmark in charge of the National Park Service, offering tourist tours.

Ukraine: Pripyat
This city is probably the most sadly famous ghost town in the world. It was home to approximately 50,000 people, who were evacuated when part of the Chernobyl Nuclear Station exploded in April 1986.

This disastrous event resulted in the immediate evacuation of the population due to high levels of radiation, leaving practically everything behind.

In recent years, radiation levels dropped considerably, leaving the area marked by scientists as a "safe zone".

Today travelers from all over the world travel through the creepy city. At the same time, it served as inspiration for many horror stories and movies.

As the main attraction, the New Safe Confinement was built with an area equivalent big enough to hold three football stadiums from any of the teams in the NFL betting odds.

Final thoughts
There are many other ghost cities or small creepy towns around the world, desolate and dark, full of sad stories and terror, often of madness.

No doubt the world is full of surprises for people who dare to discover them again or to stay away and forgotten due to their sad outcomes.

Would you visit any of these places?

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