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Monday, 9 December 2019

Take Off With Bradley And Holly

Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby will be spreading the festive joy in new family entertainment show, Take Off on BBC One.

The hosts will be giving lucky audience members the chance to win a magical trip to Lapland.

The show will be jam packed with games, incredible surprises, celebrity guests and much more leading up to a spectacular end of show finale.

Q&A with Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby

Can you tell us about Take Off?

Holly: Okay. Well, Take Off. We're both very, very excited about it.

Bradley: Oh, I'm so excited.

H: It is our brand new show. It's going to be Christmas fantastic.

B: It’s about Christmas, fantastic.

H: It's out on Christmas Eve, we're basically giving families the chance to win an opportunity to fly to Lapland.

B: On a plane obviously not on their own, people can’t fly, its physically impossible.

H: Or in a sleigh.

B: Or in a sleigh, yes that’s true. I know nothing about this show, I only came out for a loaf of bread. You’ll have to ask Holly. Okay Holly, over to you!

H: Yeah, wish me luck… thanks!

What makes the show so special?

B: Well, I think working with Holly makes it so special for me.

H: Aww, that’s so nice.

B: Alright love. I haven't worked with Holly for a long, long while. The last time I worked with Holly we worked on...

H: Play To The Whistle

B: We did, yeah, Play To The Whistle, that was quite a funny show. Holly took the mickey out of me the whole time and treated me like an an elderly person, which I'm not by the way.

H: But I have to somewhat take control of the situation. I mean, you might have noticed that a little bit here. So, you know, working with Bradley I really have to be on my toes and pay attention because I'm keeping us both in line.

B: I don't agree with that. I don't know what you mean. What d'you mean? Is it because I've got a very juvenile sense of humour?

H: A little bit and it's sort of like you just need to make sure you’re on track with things.

B [laughing]: What, because I’m sort of off-piste sometimes?

H: Yes you are off-piste and you play - which I love, like, I love that. But I think that what people will love about this show is that it's the dream to go to Lapland and see Father Christmas at Christmas, it’s the perfect thing to do.

B: Yep

Are there any surprises in store?

H: There are lots of surprises on the night; lots of you will recognise we've got Johannes from Strictly Come Dancing; we’ve got Curtis (Pritchard from Love Island). We've got an aeroplane in the studio you see, so they're kind of in charge of the aeroplane, serving drinks and canapes.

B: It's got a flypast by the Red Arrows. They're coming into the studio, they're good. That’s all happening.

H: Jamie Cullum as well.

B: Yeah, Jamie Cullum’s coming he's going to play the piano. Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna be good.

H: He's gonna be singing and you [turns to Bradley] might do a little bit of singing?

B: No, I'm not going to be doing any singing at all.

H: You’re not?

B: No, no, no.

H: Okay, you sure?

B: Yes, next question please.

What can viewers expect from the show?

B: This show's going to be fun, I think it might be - I mean I don't know about [gestures to Holly]. I’m really looking forward to it. And of course the irony is that Christmas is all about Holly... And the Holly and the Ivy, and I’m going to change my name by deed poll to Ivy [laughs] so we can have this show running every year, Christmas With Holly And Ivy [laughs].

H: That’s the commitment I’m looking for [laughs].

B: That’s what I’m doing. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

H: Is it too late to change the name of the show? That's it, you've got it!

B: I’m going straight down to Somerset House in the morning changing my name, down to county court, to Ivy Walsh... I used to have an auntie Violet...

H: That doesn't count.

B: No... It’s got a 'v' in it though!

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