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Tuesday 10 March 2020

REVIEW: Finding Joy - Series One - Starring Amy Huberman

Review by Jon Donnis
As you will know we are currently running a competition for Finding Joy, (I hope you have entered) and the very good people at Acorn Media sent the series for me to review. Now usually it's a risk asking me to review something I am also running a competition on, as I am brutally honest, as I am sure most of you will know if you follow me on Twitter (@JonnOnTV), but Finding Joy is something a bit special.

From almost the first scene of the first episode, you will know that you are going to love this show, and how will you know that, well there is a super cute dog, a.k.a. "Canine Aidan" (Voiced by Peter McDonald – Dublin Murders) and you can hear his thoughts, and that is brilliant. Who doesn't love a talking (thinking?) dog? Each episode starts and ends pretty much with Canine Aidan.

The story is an engaging one, Joy, played by the wonderful Amy Huberman is a journalist turned vlogger (Video Blogger for all you boomers), she has split up with her boyfriend Human Aiden (Played by Lochlann O'MearĂ¡in) and we are following her life after this major event. We get the odd flashback that slowly fills us in on parts of her life. But rest assured this is a comedy, although there are some sad moments.

From episode Two she is joined by new flatmate Amelia, (Played by the hilarious Aisling Bea) and that's when the show really hits it's stride.

Comedy shows really are some of the hardest shows to get right, and Finding Joy just seems to hit the nail on the head from the opening scene. I watched all 6 episodes in one go, that is how much I liked it, and my only complaint is that there was only 6. Luckily series two is being filmed as we speak, and will be released later in the year.

I really cant recommend Finding Joy enough, absolutely loved it.


By Jon Donnis

Finding Joy is out on DVD on 16th March.

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