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Monday 24 August 2020

All-star cast announced for Sky original Roald & Beatrix, the tail of the curious mouse

Jessica Hynes, Rob Brydon, Alison Steadman, Nick Mohammed, Nina Sosanya and Bill Bailey join Dawn French this Christmas

Filming begins today Monday (24 August) on new Sky original Roald & Beatrix, the tail of the curious mouse, a heart-warming Christmas film inspired by the true story of when a six-year-old Roald Dahl meets his idol Beatrix Potter. A magical story of what really can happen when you are brave enough to follow your dreams…

Joining Dawn French (Vicar of Dibley) who plays Beatrix, the cast will include Jessica Hynes (W1A), Rob Brydon (The Trip), Alison Steadman (Gavin and Stacey), Nina Sosanya (Brave New World), Bill Bailey (In The Long Run) and Nick Mohammed (Intelligence). The uplifting 90-minute comedy drama airing on Sky One and streaming service NOW TV will form the highlight of Sky’s festive schedule.

Written by Abi Wilson, Roald & Beatrix, the tail of the curious mouse will be narrated by John Hannah with music scored by composer Murray Gold (Doctor Who). Produced by Hartswood Films (Sherlock, Dracula) for Sky Studios, the film will blend live action camera work, stop-frame animation and puppetry together to bring to life the vivid imaginations and magical worlds of these two inspiring and renowned children’s authors.

In the Sky original, the famed author Beatrix Potter (French) is coming to the end of her career. With her publisher (Sosanya) hounding her for her next draft, she’s unable to concentrate and has had enough of writing children’s books. It’s not just her motivation that she has lost, her optometrist (Mohammed) has recognised she has failing eyesight. With Christmas approaching, Beatrix is pressured, feeling increasingly out of touch with her readers, not to mention the trespassing fans and jovial door-knocking carol singers. Her Cumbrian farm and ever-growing Herdwick sheep collection, her long-suffering husband William (Brydon) and disobedient animals including much loved pig called Sally, act as her only real comfort as she looks for inspiration and resists taking the easy way out with her Publisher.

Two hundred or so miles away in Wales, life is changing for an anxious young boy called Roald. (Harry Tayler). Having recently lost his older sister and now his father, the once happy six-year-old has found solace and comfort in books. The beloved tales of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck fill his mind, distracting him from the funeral, sadness and the revelation that he might be sent to boarding school. Wanting to run away, he is encouraged by his mother Sophie (Haynes) to follow his dreams and visit his hero Beatrix Potter. Roald pushes his anxiety aside and they set off on his first big adventure. Their extraordinary journey is filled with unpredictable and humorous characters (Steadman & Bailey) all of whom ignite Roald’s imagination and provide comfort to his grieving mother. The dream of meeting his favourite author is eventually realised and their very special encounter proves to be both a magical and life changing moment for them both.

Jon Mountague, Director of Comedy, Sky Studios, said: 
“Roald Dahl taught us ‘a little magic can take you a long way’. This Christmas, Sky presents the magical tale of how a boyhood Dahl met his idol Beatrix Potter. With Dawn French leading an all-star cast this surprising story, inspired by a real life encounter, is a tale as much for our times as yesteryear. Produced by Hartswood, it’s a giant peach of a Christmas gift.”

Love Island USA is coming to the UK

Starting next month, viewers will be able to follow season two of the U.S. version of the international reality sensation, as a new cast of Islanders get ready to arrive on the ‘Island’ of love – set this year in Las Vegas.   This season, the singletons will be sequestered in a “bubble” at a stunning villa on top of Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel, The Cromwell.

Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman will return to preside over the antics as these singles embark on a summer of potential romance in one of the most famous cities in the world. 

Playing the definitive game of love, the US Islanders will get to know each other in the hope of finding ‘the one’. But as new bombshells arrive on the ‘Island’, which couples will stand the test of time and make it all the way to the final, and have a chance of bagging the $50,000 cash prize?

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions said:
“We’re thrilled that ITV2 can bring the latest US version of Love Island to viewers this year. Las Vegas may seem like an odd destination for the show but the canny producers have beaten Covid with a show that adheres to all production protocols and that could well be sensational. Certainly the ‘villa’ is impressive and the cast diverse and amazing. We believe Love Island fans will embrace this Sin City twist, my bet is the series will be another big hit.”

Mica Paris joins cast of EastEnders

The famed British singer, actress and presenter began filming scenes in summer and will be introduced when the show returns in September

Mica Paris joins EastEnders for a stint in the show, taking on the new role of Ellie Nixon. As one of the UK’s most respected singers, with a career full of top 10 singles, Mica has since extended her talents to broadcasting and acting. With musical theatre credits including Fame in the West End, Love Me Tender and Chicago, she’s also authored a book Beautiful Within and has been honoured as an ‘Icon’ at Windsor Castle by the Duke Of Edinburgh.

Ellie Nixon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, with far more to her than her warmhearted façade lets on. With a surprising connection to Walford residents, her prowess for playing roles in order to get what she wants isn’t to be underestimated.

On her arrival to Albert Square, Mica Paris says: “I am absolutely over the moon to be in EastEnders. I have been a fan since its first episode, with Susan Tully being my favourite. My character, the formidable Ellie Nixon, is a new frontier for me as an actress - a lot of folks will see me as never before!”

Jon Sen, Executive Producer, EastEnders added: “We’re thrilled to welcome Mica Paris to the world of Walford to play tough, no-nonsense Ellie Nixon. Ellie proves herself to be a ruthless and uncompromising force of nature who stops at nothing to ensure she capitalises on whatever she can. The part demanded both charisma and presence and having seen Mica on stage, she was the first person who came to mind for this role. We can’t wait for the audience to meet Ellie and the mystery that surrounds her.”

Thursday 20 August 2020

Action superstar Danny Trejo stars in Pikchure Zero Entertainment’s new sci-fi action series Paragon: The Shadow Wars.

Action superstar Danny Trejo stars in Pikchure Zero Entertainment’s new sci-fi action series Paragon. : The Shadow Wars.

In a world where Reapers take souls and demons bargain with humans for their place in the food chain, a new descendent named Jael has emerged. After centuries of civil unrest in the real world, a new war is waging amongst those who are seeking to create a new after-life and Jael finds herself in the middle of it. She must venture into the dark world of Soul Reaping and embrace her new role as the Paragon.

Trejo, Amin Joseph, Franziska Schissler, Dilan Gwyn, Khu, and Justin Price star in a series,  currently out to networks, that will encompass a 7-episode first season, with each 43-minute episode fixing on the human race dealing with the obliteration of Heaven.

Paragon is a sci-fi action series that follows the different factions of society as they deal with Heaven’s destruction. With only a small piece of the after-life to live for, everyone from Death himself is fighting to claim the Elysian for themselves.

“We have always loved the Sci-fi fantasy genre, and we wanted to create a series that explored one of the most intriguing questions of humanity. Where do we go when we die? And what would happen if Heaven no longer existed?”, says Justin Price, who is also a producer on the series alongside  Khu and  Franziska Schissler.

Price adds, “Paragon is an edgier and grittier cable style series in the vein of Firefly and Altered Carbon. I believe we have an electric hybrid that explores the human spectrum of dealing with loss and love in a stylistic way. Danny Trejo is outstanding as Kincaid, the half-dead leader of disbanded reapers.”

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Don’t Rock The Boat set to sail

ITV today revealed the twelve celebrities taking part in the challenge of a lifetime, to row the entire length of Britain, in its brand new, epic adventure series Don’t Rock The Boat.

The 5 x 60 minute series will see twelve famous faces step out of their comfort zones and onto their sea legs as they compete in one of the toughest shows ever filmed on both land and sea.

Celebrities set to sail are British politician and author Tom Watson, sports presenter and Olympic gold medalist Denise Lewis OBE and English supermodel and broadcaster Jodie Kidd. Actor Craig Charles, singer-songwriter Fleur East, YouTuber Joe Weller and Love Island winner Jack Fincham are also confirmed. Coronation Street actress Lucy Fallon, Olympic, World and European Champion Victoria Pendleton CBE, The Chase’s Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace, actor and presenter Adam Thomas and International girl group, The Pussycat Dolls, member Kimberly Wyatt complete the line up.

Taking the helm are sporting legend and Top Gear presenter Freddie Flintoff and The Voice’s AJ Odudu as they present the series and guide the celebrities through each leg of the race on the water and preside over the colossal coastal challenges on land.

Freddie Flintoff said, “I'm thrilled to be hosting this brand new show for ITV. It sounds like it's going to be a huge challenge for the twelve rowers so I'm pleased that I'll be spending most of my time on dry land...hopefully! It should be a great watch for everyone at home and I can't wait to get started.”

AJ Odudu added, “This is going to be a great show, with an epic line-up. Such a brilliant mix of personalities and challenges which always makes for good telly. I personally cannot wait to get going - especially filming with the legend that is Freddie Flintoff. We’re going to have so much fun! Bring it on!”

Don’t Rock the Boat (produced by South Shore) will push the twelve celebrity, split into two teams of six, to their physical and mental limits as they battle it out to complete over 500 gruelling miles. The two teams will also face a series of jaw dropping on-shore challenges to secure vital advantages over their opposition.

Immersed in the coastal beauty of the UK the celebrities will face the waves and wind of the sea legs and the daunting cliffs and gorges of Britain’s spectacular shoreline.

Each will have to call on all their individual reserves and team resources to conquer this ‘oar-inspiring’ challenge.

Don’t Rock The Boat will appear on ITV later this year.

Peter: The Human Cyborg Q&A

Peter: The Human Cyborg is the extraordinary journey of super-scientist Peter Scott-Morgan as he turns himself into a cyborg in an attempt to overcome the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) that will otherwise kill him. With much of the technology being applied for the first time, Peter’s journey has profound implications for many people who suffer from conditions like MND, as well as opening up the biggest question of all: what does it mean to be human? We talk to him about his phenomenal journey.

Peter: The Human Cyborg airs at 9pm, on Wednesday, 26th August  on Channel 4.

It’s now 10 months since the operation in which you sacrificed your voice in order to preserve your ability to breathe. How are you?

I actually feel amazing, which is a bit of a surprise. I can still move some of the muscles in my head, but apart from that, I am by now pretty well paralysed, which I had expected to be a little traumatic. In reality though, I find it just means I get to sit around a lot while people fuss over me. I suspect the trick to enjoying total paralysis is simply to imagine you’re in a luxury spa hotel and the maître d insisted you put your feet up and don’t move a muscle.

Why do you think you feel so upbeat?

Ever since I knew that my final operation had been a success (what you don’t see in the film is that I actually got out of hospital in record time), I’ve felt like I got a new lease of life. Realistically, my condition was getting so bad that, because of the form of my deterioration, without that last pioneering op at my local NHS hospital, I’d have been unlikely to make it through last winter. Instead, I may well be around for decades. What’s not to feel upbeat about?

Ever since you were diagnosed, you’ve never wavered in your total faith that technology was your way out of a death sentence. How do you keep that up?

Facing everything head-on with the man I’ve loved all my adult life certainly helps! We’ve always had the mantra of turning liabilities into assets, and motor neurone disease is no exception. So every step we’ve taken over the last almost three years since diagnosis (when I was given two years to live), have felt pretty obviously the right path to both of us. It’s vastly easier to head where no-one has gone before when every step of the way someone you trust completely is reassuring you that you’re doing the right thing.

What about losing your voice forever? Surely that must have proved traumatic?

Again, surprisingly not. Frustrating sometimes, yes. But nothing near traumatic. To be fair, I spent all my life up till last year speaking far too much. So I’m really now only making up for lost silence. With that said, it would feel awful if I wasn’t able to generate my own voice using my eyes to spell out the words. Constantly speaking with what is recognisable as my voice, has totally taken the sting out of giving up my biological voice.

Is there a lesson for others here?

Yes, absolutely! Although we are experimenting with cutting edge ways that will let me, and eventually everyone, show emotion in my synthesised voice, it is already very easy and cheap for anybody to bank their voice. So, if there is any chance of you losing your voice, bank it while your voice is still strong. Like me, you will be so incredibly grateful you did, every single time you use it.

How about the pioneering ‘replumbing’ you had done near the start of the film? How has that worked out?

No one in the world had ever had the tripleostomy (my first operation). I invented the idea – even the name – and persuaded the NHS in Torbay to pioneer it. It has subsequently been written up as a medical paper – Thriving, not just surviving, with motor neurone disease. The outcome of the first pre-emptive ‘triple-ostomy’ – that was chosen as the Oxford Medical Case Report of the year for 2019. I frankly can’t imagine life without it. More accurately, I can imagine it and the thought is horrendous! In the morning and evening I have my 12-hourly service, and that’s it. I haven’t needed the loo for almost 2 years. And after decades of trying but failing to drink the recommended two litres of water a day, I now have it slowly released into my body over 24 hours, even while I’m asleep. I’m permanently fully hydrated for the first time in my life!

Say a bit more about how the final operation we saw came about.

My wonderful ENT surgeon that you see in the film confirmed that the second operation (the ‘full-laryngectomy’) had only ever been given in the UK once before to someone with MND. But that was an emergency. Back in 1985. I came up with the proposal that there were very real advantages to experimenting with conducting a laryngectomy before there was any urgency, even though it required the sacrifice of my voice, and would leave me close to locked-in. So, bizarrely, mine appears to have been the first elective laryngectomy for MND in the UK. Coincidently, the earlier patient was also a scientist. A guy called Stephen Hawking.

What has been the best thing about the last year?

Still being alive is definitely up there. As is finding myself working seven days a week, harder than at any time in my career. And the extraordinary kindness of strangers should not be a surprise to me, although for some reason in the modern world it is. However, maybe the best thing, or at least the most pleasant surprise, is a bit bizarre. Statistically I should be dead, and according to the relentlessly depressing story of MND that everyone insists on pedalling, I should at the very least be feeling close to suicidal. But instead, I feel alive, excited, I’m really looking forward to the future. I’m having fun!

Why do you think that is?

All the obvious reasons revolving around Francis, my close family, the team looking after me, technology, unwarranted good fortune. But there is something more, which I consider a crucial discovery. Contrary to the torturous scare stories about how it feels to be trapped in the straightjacket of your own living corpse, the brain moves on. It grieves a bit, and then, if you give it the chance, most of the time it forgets. Days may pass when I never once remember that in the past I could walk, or move, or (absurdly) even that I could talk. My brain has its own ‘new normal’. The plasticity of the brain to adapt in this way astounds me. It should also bring tremendous hope to anyone coming to terms with Extreme Disability, let alone MND. It certainly does to me.

Your experience is the complete opposite of what everyone says MND is like. Surely, MND is universally accepted as ‘the cruellest disease’?

Not in my corner of the universe! Not anymore. To be fair, it was once. It was an evil way to go. But we are now well into the 21st century. The route by which hi-tech will utterly transform what it means to have MND is pretty obvious to anyone that wants to see. Maybe it’s only me, but I have no problem with saying, it doesn’t have to be that bad these days. I would infinitely rather have MND than an inoperable brain tumour. And as someone already in ‘Late Stage’ MND, I have to say that my experience is that I am not just surviving. I’m THRIVING!

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced since filming wrapped?

Covid 19. But it’s also brought the greatest benefit. I quickly received an official letter saying I was ‘extremely vulnerable’. [This was actually sloppy science because no-one in fact knows how someone with MND and a laryngectomy is likely to react to a spectrum of respiratory infections, because we’ve never had a chance to study it before. But I let that pass.] What was illuminating came from some conversations with the NHS around the same time: even intensive care wouldn’t be able to look after me if I got ill. And no-one could visit us. We were on our own.

So what did you do? And what was the great benefit you gained?

We set up our own intensive care unit at home. We were already part way there. When I’d returned from hospital, the NHS had provided us with hi-tech equipment ranging from ventilators and cough assist machines to oxygen cylinders, cuff manometers and blood oxygen monitors, so, along with my hospital-style bed, we already had the right props. And, just in case, since my operation Francis had
got himself specialist medical training and was probably now one of the very few in the country who was officially signed off to replace the tubing into my bladder, my stomach, my colon, and my lungs. Also, thanks to NHS continuous healthcare funding, I already had a care team very carefully selected by Francis who we had steadily trained to a high standard; now we upped our game still further. We adopted ICU protocol, with everyone but me dressed in PPE. And we kept progressing from there. Now, if I become seriously ill, we can manage without risk of me blocking an ICU bed. It’s an incredibly secure feeling. All thanks to coronavirus.

Has all your ongoing research been temporarily stopped because of the pandemic? Or have you continued to make breakthroughs?

A very few things got slowed because people couldn’t physically get access to me or my technology, but mainly it’s made no difference at all because everyone involved spends most of their day in front of a computer monitor anyway! An exciting development is we now have a new research team at Drexel University in the USA, working with the preeminent global IT integrator DXC Technology and all the experts you saw in the film. They’re researching a very Hollywood cyborg-like interface for me that uses a brand new type of augmented reality visor called a HoloLens2. The visor isn’t available to the public, only system developers. But we’ve been able to get a few to work on. We really think we can develop something that will transform how those of us with Extreme Disability interact with our environment.

You are the centre of more and more research. Tell us about The Scott-Morgan Foundation.

Francis and I are both passionate about using AI and hi-tech to transform what it means to have Extreme Disability, whether through accident or disease or old age. And we’ve been unbelievably lucky in being able to interest some of the world’s top brains in getting involved. So, around the end of filming, we set up a registered charity, with a fully independent Board, to act as the focus for a hugely ambitious research program stretching across decades. The Foundation’s website will go live straight after transmission of the documentary: www.scottmorganfoundation.org We’re incredibly proud of it – it’s the only research foundation of its kind in the world. And we hope to attract more and more of the planet’s most free-thinking and innovative corporations and experts to join us in our mission to revolutionise the future of Extreme Disability, and in so doing, change what it means to be human…

What would you like the legacy of your film to be?

In a word: HOPE! This is ‘terminal disease’ like we’ve never seen it before – and certainly not on television. The whole blindingly overriding reason for Francis and me to subject ourselves to the invasion of a very private time by public scrutiny was to get our message of ‘thriving’ out there to counter the defeatism in our culture around terminal illness. I remember saying to the director early on how it felt as if society just expected people like me to “statistically curl up and die on cue”. The Channel 4 film is an opportunity to get a different kind of message out there – a radical message. If Francis and I can inspire people to go out there and encourage a change in attitude, then the film will have done its job.

Saturday 15 August 2020

Trailer details announced for Sky original comedy Two Weeks To Live

Sky has today released the official trailer for brand new Sky original comedy Two Weeks To Live, and confirmed it will be available on Sky One from 2 September 2020.

The six-part series follows Kim Noakes (Maisie Williams), a strange young misfit who was just a little girl when her father died in murky circumstances. Following his death, her mother Tina (Sian Clifford) whisked her away to a remote rural life of seclusion and bizarre survival techniques. Now all grown up, Kim sets out into the real world for the first time to begin a secret mission of honouring her father’s memory. Meanwhile, socially awkward Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) isn’t good at impressing girls, and when Kim walks into his and brother Jay’s (Taheen Modak) local pub, it sets in motion a chaotic series of events that puts all their lives in danger. Who would have thought a few drinks and an ill-judged prank could go so violently wrong? Tina arrives in search of Kim and the unlikely crew soon find themselves on the run from murderous gangsters and the police with a massive bag of stolen cash. But Kim is no ordinary fish out of water – she’s more like a great white shark who knows how to strip a Smith & Wesson SDVE pistol in 6 seconds flat and skin a deer to make a sleeping bag whilst perfectly reciting the lyrics to ‘I Will Survive’. With her in their team, they might all just get out of this alive.

Alongside Maisie and Sian, cast members include Kerry Howard (Beth), Thalissa Teixeira (Thompson) and Jason Flemyng (Brooks).

Celebrity Karaoke Club arrives on ITV2

ITV2 has commissioned Celebrity Karaoke Club, a brand new six-part music entertainment show from BAFTA-winning producers Monkey, which is part of NBCUniversal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Coming to ITV2 this autumn, the series will see seven celebrities unleash their vocals as they head into a karaoke bar with the hopes of winning this exciting music competition. Whether their voice is like Mariah Carey or Mariah Scarey, in this competition it’s all about the love of karaoke and commanding a stage - in everything from epic solo performances to group battles.

But there’s a twist, because the people they will have to impress are their fellow competitors, every celebrity karaoke singer is also a karaoke judge. At the end of every episode they’ll be sending someone home, with new celebrities joining the competition also hoping to be crowned the karaoke king or queen.

The celebrities heading into Karaoke Club for the competition are: 

TV favourite Scarlett Moffatt
Comedian and Loose Women favourite Judi Love
Comedian and TV host Joel Dommett
International drag queen and entertainer Courtney Act
TV and radio presenter Roman Kemp
Ibiza Weekender’s David Potts
TV and radio presenter Melvin Odoom
Reality star Jessica Wright
Comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner
Singer and actress Diana Vickers
Drag Race’s Baga Chipz
Singer-songwriter Tallia Storm
Love Island's Samira Mighty

In between the rounds the stars can grab a cocktail at the bar or have a good old gossip about their rivals in the toilets, because when the singing stops, the competition really begins. Can the stars form alliances with their fellow competitors and let popularity propel them to victory? Or will they rely on their performance to steal the top spot?

ITV commissions second series of detective drama McDonald & Dodds

ITV has greenlit a second series of contemporary detective drama, McDonald & Dodds, following the success of the feature-length films which aired earlier this year produced by leading independent production company, Mammoth Screen.

The new series sees Tala Gouveia (Cold Feet) and BAFTA award winning actor Jason Watkins (The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies, The Crown) reprise their roles as the ambitious DCI McDonald and the humble, and quietly brilliant DS Dodds in three new murder mysteries.

Set in picturesque Bath, the series pairs fiesty DCI McDonald, who has recently transferred from London’s Met Police, with the modest and unassuming DS Dodds, who has been happy in the background for most of his working life.  Thrown together seemingly with nothing in common, they forge a rumbustious, and ultimately highly effective crime solving partnership.

Created and executive produced by Robert Murphy, who is the lead writer for the series, McDonald & Dodds will once again be filmed in the West Country. The brand new episodes will be directed by Alex Pillai (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale), Rebecca Rycroft (Malory Towers, Danny and Mick) and Ian Aryeh (In The Long Run, Andy and the Band).

The new series has been commissioned by ITV’s Drama Commissioner Huw Kennair Jones and Head of Drama, Polly Hill.  Huw will oversee production of the drama from the channel’s perspective.

Commented Huw Kennair Jones:
“We’re delighted with the audience reaction to the first series of McDonald and Dodds. The two characters couldn’t be further apart, which is what makes the series so intriguing to watch.  They shouldn’t have chemistry, but they do, and they work brilliantly in partnership which is testimony to Robert’s script and Tala and Jason for bringing McDonald & Dodds to life.”

Saturday 8 August 2020


Netflix have released the first look images for the highly anticipated series “Paranormal” the first Netflix Arabic Original from Egypt.  The first look images of the series -which wrapped up lately after a halt due to Corona pandemic- show Dr. Refaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin) in his forties, where he undergoes a series of paranormal incidents. They also display Maggie Mckillop (Razane Jammal) a Scottish scientist and Dr. Refaat’s previous colleague, to whom he never confessed his love.

The series tackles Dr. Refaat, a cynical Hematologist with a dark sense of humor, who goes through a “journey of doubt” as his world is turned upside down after his lifelong scientific convictions are questioned. The plot commences in 1969, as Refaat Ismail enters his 40s, and begins to experience a series of paranormal activities.

Throughout the season, Refaat is accompanied by his university colleague, Maggie, as they enter the paranormal world and try to save their loved ones from the immense danger that surrounds them. The story is based on the best selling thriller novel series with the same name “Paranormal” by late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, that sold more than 15 million copies. Staying true to the books, Paranormal, which is slated for Fall 2020 is filmed in Egypt, reflecting Netflix’s commitment to creating authentic Egyptian content for global audiences to enjoy

Sky releases brand new tease for The Undoing launching on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on 26 October

Sky have released a brand new sneak peek tease for upcoming psychological drama The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. The six part series will air weekly on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW TV from 26 October. Watch the new tease here.

A HBO limited series based on the book You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, Grace Fraser (Kidman) is living the only life she ever wanted for herself. She’s a successful therapist, has a devoted husband and young son who attends an elite private school in New York City. Overnight a chasm opens in her life: a violent death, a missing husband, and, in the place of a man Grace thought she knew, only a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself.

Directed by Susanne Bier (Brothers, After the Wedding, In a Better World, Birdbox) and written by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies, The Practice, Boston Legal, Picket Fences), The Undoing stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Donald Sutherland, Noah Jupe, Edgar Ramirez, Lily Rabe, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Matilda DeAngeli and Noma Dumezweni. The limited series is also created by Executive Producers Susanne Bier; Nicole Kidman and Per Saari for Blossom Films; Bruna Papandrea for Made Up Stories; Stephen Garrett and Celia Costas.

I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! moves to UK for 2020

ITV announced today that the 20th series of I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! will be filmed in the UK.  The show will be broadcast live every night from a ruined castle in the countryside.

Ant and Dec will host the series, bringing viewers all the news and excitement of the day.

As on the regular series, viewers will see the celebrities undertake gruelling trials and fun-filled challenges to win food and treats in the lead up to one of them being crowned, for the first time ever, King or Queen of the Castle.

Kevin Lygo, ITV’s Director of Television said:
“We announced last week that we were doing all we could to make the series and I’m thrilled that we can bring the show to viewers albeit not in the jungle. We have a great team both on and off screen and I know they will produce a hugely entertaining series”.

Richard Cowles, Director of Entertainment at ITV Studios said:
“We pulled out all the stops to try and make the series happen in Australia.  Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and despite us looking at many different contingencies, it became apparent that it just wasn’t possible for us to travel and make the show there. However, we are all really excited about a UK version of I’m A Celebrity.  While it will certainly be different producing the show from the UK, the same tone and feel will remain. 

“Our celebrities will probably have to swap shorts for thermals but they can still look forward to a basic diet of rice and beans and plenty of thrills and surprises along the way”.

Channel 4 Commissions New Observational Documentary Swingers

Channel 4 is set to unlock the doors of the country’s hidden swinging scene via access to one of Britain’s most popular swingers’ clubs, in a brand new 1x60’ observational documentary that aims to shed light on a lifestyle that is often sensationalised.

There are now a reported 1.5 million people on the British swinging scene and with the rise of the internet meaning it’s no longer just about leaving your “keys in a bowl” and many major towns and cities in the UK boasting a swingers club this intimate one-off takes an honest and no-holds-barred look at those whose behaviour may have been previously been deemed far more taboo.

Via candid interviews with both the club’s founder and staff and the clientele who are members on the circuit, Swingers is granted unique access to a very special Valentine’s Day party at Liberty Elite.  A club which was founded in 1999 as the upmarket venue for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle. It now has over 12,000 members and up to 200 guests a night’ at the clubs various weekly themed events for attendees of all demographics.

Filmed before the outbreak of Covid-19, Swingers explores the world of the everyday people who choose to do something different in their free time. Meeting committed couples who claim swinging is the cherry on top of their already great relationship and single men and women who believe swinging is a safe and respectful way to satisfy their sexual desires without commitment; the single women being known as ‘unicorns’ for their rarity on the circuit.

Thursday 6 August 2020

CBS announces new premiere date for season two of Love Island

CBS announced today the second season of LOVE ISLAND will kick off with a two-hour premiere Monday, August 24 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Following the premiere, episodes will air nightly* (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), including a two-hour episode each Saturday (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), featuring the best moments of the week, exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage. The season will be available to stream live and on-demand on CBS All Access.

Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman will return with an all-new cast of Islanders for the U.S. version of the international reality sensation that will shoot its second season in Las Vegas sequestered in a “bubble” at Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel, The Cromwell. The cast will be announced closer to premiere.

LOVE ISLAND features a group of single “Islanders” who come together in a stunning setting, ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships and, ultimately, relationships. Every few days, the Islanders must couple up – those who fail to find a partner to couple up with risk being dumped from the island. Islanders are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love doesn’t always run smoothly. Challenges abound with new Islander arrivals and dramatic twists as friendships and relationships form. In addition to choosing their partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winner, who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

"Big Brother: All-Stars" House Theme Revealed!

BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS ups the game for season 22, as returning Houseguests vie for another shot at victory while living together in an "All-Star Loft" designed for the veteran VIPs. In a first for the hit summer series, the season premiere will air live, and the All-Star cast will be revealed during the two-hour move-in premiere event, Wednesday, August 5 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.

"The All-Star Loft is amazing!" said Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, Executive Producers, BIG BROTHER. "It not only has an artistic nod to BIG BROTHER past, but this house actually holds the key to some new twists that will keep these All-Stars on their toes all season long!"

Building on the All-Stars theme, the house gets an A-list makeover befitting this season's group of returning BIG BROTHER Houseguests. Production designer Scott Storey designed the colorful BIG BROTHER All-Star Loft, which is inspired by the working arts lofts of downtown Los Angeles and features 16-foot tall warehouse windows and one-of-a-kind installation pieces.

In the living room, the Houseguests will get literal "star treatment" with a gigantic wall full of 1,152 illuminated pegs, as well as a massive star field created from hand-painted rods, which pepper the backlit wall. The living room also features vintage star-shaped tin signage, as well as a sleek new model of the iconic BIG BROTHER chess set.

This year's kitchen pays homage to some of the biggest All-Star moments of the past two decades, with splatter-paint street murals adorning the walls that illustrate players during unforgettable events, such as Dan Gheesling's funeral, Dr. Will Kirby acting as puppet master, and Rachel Reilly's call to "floaters" to grab a life vest.

This season, the lounge celebrates the show's infamous "showmances," a term coined by Dr. Will during season two, with LED-lit hearts, red velvet seating, and custom monogrammed throw pillows highlighting enduring couples from seasons past. In the bathroom, the fan-favorite "BIG BROTHER rubber duck" finally gets its due, with hundreds of ducks adorning the walls, from the showers to the sinks.

For the first time, the house will feature four bedrooms, instead of three. The first bedroom showcases the superhero side of BIG BROTHER Houseguests, with back issues of BB comics illustrating the walls, including images of memorable Houseguests Swaggy C, Devin Shepherd and Frankie Grande. Custom-printed duvet covers, spider web-like framing, and 3D-printed rocket ships make this room the perfect hero's headquarters or villain's lair.

The side bedroom celebrates a major symbol of the game - the BIG BROTHER key - with key-shaped columns capped by glass globes breaking up the padded leather walls, and 41 framed house keys sprinkled throughout the room, as a reminder that only one houseguest will have his or her key pulled at the end of the season. The back bedroom centers around the one feature BIG BROTHER could not exist without: the camera. Also known as the "photo memory room," this room is filled with 127 black-and-white photos that highlight pivotal moments spanning the show's 20-year history, as well as 45 35-millimeter cameras, including one prominently displayed wall-sized lens that not so subtly reminds houseguests all eyes are on them.

If an All-Star wants true VIP treatment, they will want to win the coveted Head of Household title and move into the luxurious HOH suite, which features raked skylights revealing a twilight-lit city skyline, a plush king-sized bed, and a royal blue velvet sofa - the ideal spot for what will surely be many late-night strategy sessions.

Finally, the front of the house has undergone a high-tech redesign featuring millions of LED pixels, giving the BIG BROTHER home major curb appeal. Throughout the season, the LED screens will display milestones in the game and provide viewers with an ever-closer, clearer look at the All-Star players.

Following the two-hour live move-in premiere event Wednesday, August 5 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), BIG BROTHER will air Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen Moonves.

Monday 3 August 2020

Lucifer Season 4 Recap | Netflix

Get caught up on the last season of Lucifer before all hell breaks loose. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.

Bored with being the Lord of Hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and forms a connection with a homicide detective.

Starring:Tom Ellis,Lauren German,Kevin Alejandro