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Saturday 10 April 2021

The Circle reveals its winner

Channel 4's reality game The Circle concluded with "Felix" aka 30-year-old military police officer Natalya from Surrey being crowned winner of The Circle.

Across the series the players rate each other from their favourite to least favourite player. In the final vote of the series, finalists Andy, Manrika, Syed (Hashu), Felix (Natalya) and Tom (Pippa + Joey) rated on who they thought most deserved to win The Circle. In tonight's show, host Emma Willis announced Felix (Natalya) as the highest rated player in the final vote and winner of The Circle.

Responding to her win, Natalya said in the studio: "I must play a good man!"

Asked about her strategy for playing Felix, Natalya told Emma: "If I was me, I would have been gone. I had to be the perfect man. What I see everyday at work is what I created"

Natalya joined the game in Episode 5, playing as 29-year-old soldier Felix. During the series Felix was twice voted influencer, avoided a double-blocking twist and at one point finished last in the ratings, but his loyal bond with "official Circle girlfriend" Manrika and firm friendships with players Andy and Dorothy (Scott) helped to see him through to the final week of the game.

The final vote resulted in a tie for first place, with Felix (Natalya) and 24-year-old content creator Manrika from Birmingham both being rated equally. The tie was broken by Felix having been the recipient of the most 1st place votes.

Third place went to 34-year-old company director Andy from Solihull; fourth place to Syed, played by 28-year-old content creator Hashu from Birmingham; and fifth place went to Tom, played by 26-year-old entrepreneur Joey from London and 26-year-old paralegal Pippa from Manchester.

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