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Friday, 10 September 2021

Alma’s Not Normal starts Monday 13 September at 10pm on BBC Two

Series Overview
We meet Alma - whose tumultuous childhood has led to continual chaos - as she embarks on a new beginning after a break-up, inspiring her to finally get herself sorted. And she's not going to be just 'okay'… she's going to be fabulous!

With a rebellious streak a mile wide and no qualifications to boot, Alma decides to explore the role of an escort to support her dreams of being a star. Many adventures and misadventures ensue as she navigates the past she's had and the future she wants.

Meanwhile, and she is trying to get her family back together. She has her work cut out as she tries to fix the strained relationships between her drug-addicted mum and her vampish Grandma, Joan. Alma's mum Lin, with bright pink hair, a toothless gurn and a children's lunchbox she fashions as a handbag, battles her long-term drug addiction with the same angst and disorder that she does her mother, Joan.

Expect a bitingly funny and unflinching take on issues from class, sexuality, motherhood, friendship, abuse and mental health, in a series that is full of heart, humour and candour, celebrating powerful and complex women dealing with the hand they were dealt whilst doggedly pursuing their dreams. 

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