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Thursday, 23 December 2021

Q&A with Fred Sirieix and Dianne Buswel

Hosted by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, the festive foursome on the judging panel are, Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse, Anton Du Beke, and head judge Shirley Ballas.

Taking to the dancefloor this year is Adrian Chiles with his professional partner Jowita Przystal; Anne-Marie and Graziano Di Prima; Fred Sirieix and Dianne Buswell; Jay Blades and Luba Mushtuk; Mel Giedroyc and Neil Jones; Moira Stuart and Aljaž Škorjanec.

The Christmas special will start with a sensational group routine featuring the celebrities and their professional partners, alongside some of their fellow Strictly professionals.

And, as well as dancing, there's plenty of music, with two very special performances from Jamie Cullum and Gary Barlow.

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Christmas Day at 5.10pm.

Q&A with Fred Sirieix and Dianne Buswel

How are you feeling about being a part of the Strictly Christmas special?

Fred: I am feeling very excited and grateful, it is an unbelievable experience to be part of Strictly, to be dancing with a pro like Dianne, and to challenge myself in a way I never thought I could. I can't wait for the big day!

Dianne: I love it, it's great to be back teaching and doing what I love. Being out on the Strictly floor with Fred is going to be a lot of fun.

What made you want to take part?

Fred: Fear! When I got the call I was as excited as I was scared, I can't let fear rule me. Because I was so scared I thought, I had to do it. It's about finding that headspace, with myself and Dianne, ignoring everything around us, which is a challenge and I can't wait.

What did your friends and family say?

Fred: They think it's really cool, they have seen the progress we have made from videos. They have seen how far we have come and they are proud.

Tell us about your partnership, what's training been like?

Fred: Training has been great, I'm not a dancer, so it's been hard. It is physical and mental, you have to put the time in. Dianne has been great, she has been honest and she doesn't sugar coat it, and I love that.

Is Fred a good student?

Dianne: He is very good, we met in the studio, within a minute and 30 seconds, about as long as our dance, I felt like I had known Fred forever! When we were learning it, we'd do one step and he was so eager to learn the next one. It was refreshing and so great to have someone so keen to learn the dance. I couldn't ask for anything more! As well as having a good laugh along the way, it was great to have a partner who was so keen to learn how to dance.

How do you feel about being 'Strictly-fied' festive style?

Fred: I'm not normally into spray tans or make up, you're not going to turn me into Brad Pitt so what's the point?

Dianne: Your outfit is pretty out there though…

Fred: I am a Turkey, and she's got me flying through the air!

What would you buy each other for Christmas?

Dianne: I would buy him some more red hair dye! So even when he isn't with me, he can keep dying that hair.

Fred: I would love to get her that glitterball!

How do you rate your chances of being crowned Christmas champions?

Fred: I think we have a good chance!

Dianne: You've got to believe haven't you?

Fred: We will do the best we can, and hope for the best!

How do you rate yourself as a dancer?

Fred: I've been practising this one dance for three weeks, it isn't perfect, but it's as good as it can be. I'm not a dancer, my level of dancing is standing on tables as Christmas parties with my top off!

What song gets you up dancing at festive parties?

Dianne: Probably Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, it's a good one

Fred: *sings* Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Dianne: That's not a Christmas song!

Brussel sprouts - yay or nay?

Dianne: Yay! I love them

Fred: If they are cooked properly, with fat and bacon, then perfect!

Best and worst Christmas present you ever received?

Dianne: Not my best, but what I remember most is this little toy pet shop. On the commercials it had all these pets in, but they came separately, so I just got an empty pet shop and I never got any pets for it. I never forgot that!

Fred: When I was a kid I got a BMX for Christmas, it was snowing so much I couldn't ride it as it was sliding, but I loved that

Dianne: When I was a kid I used to wrap up my brothers socks that they already had and give them to them as their Christmas presents, they humoured me bless them.

Which judge are you most keen to impress?

Fred: All of them! But of course if Craig gives us a 10 then I will punch the air.

What are the Christmas traditions in your household? How will you be spending Christmas Day this year?

Dianne: I normally spend it with my family and we always go to the beach on Christmas Day. But this year will be different, I will be here in the UK for a cold Christmas.

Fred: I am hoping my parents can come visit, and we can have a big day with all the family. We do seafood, oysters and mussels, french fries, it's delicious.

Any New Year's resolutions?

Fred: My New Year's resolution each year, is more! More of everything, live more, enjoy myself more and have more fun. Next year I turn 50, so it is going to be twice as more. I would love to take dancing into the new year.

Dianne: I think I need to get through December first and then I will think of something!

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