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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Scarlett Moffatt will look into the development of tics and Tourette's in youngsters.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Guy's and St Thomas' have noted a considerable increase in the number of teenagers presenting with Tourette's syndrome or tic disorders during the course of the pandemic. Scarlett Moffatt is now on a mission to discover what is causing this medical enigma.

Scarlett Investigates... (1x60') will be an unexpectedly intimate journey for Scarlett, who was diagnosed with facial tics at the age of 12. Scarlett was plagued with tics for the first two years of her life due to Bell's Palsy.

Doctors used to only get four to six referrals per year for acute onsets in teenagers; now they get that many every week. Experts believe that worry is one of the main causes of the growth of tics, with three out of every four 13–19 year olds experiencing mental health concerns since the start of the pandemic.

Scarlett will meet some of people who have recently been diagnosed with the disorder, as well as scientists coping with this new problem, a group of Tourette's TikTok influencers, charity activists, and neurologists treating the surge of teens as she travels across the country.

Scarlett will leave no stone unturned as she finds herself in the heart of the dispute and investigates every possible cause - is it simply a symptom of the pandemic? Is there a role for social media? Is it possible that it's a case of mass hysteria?

Scarlett Moffatt said, "I am so grateful to Channel 4, Firecracker and all of our incredible contributors for allowing us to focus a lens on the topic of Tourette's and tics in teenagers. This show is something I personally feel incredibly passionate about as I suffered with facial tics when diagnosed with Bell's Palsy as a child and wish there was this kind of information and education available back then as it's something so many young people have to deal with."

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