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Wednesday 23 February 2022

‘In The Footsteps of Killers’ - 6 more episodes to come

Channel 4 has ordered six more episodes from 'GamesMaster' independent Alaska for their successful 10pm series 'in the footsteps of killers.' Emilia Fox and Professor David Wilson appear in the series, which will return to investigate a new set of unsolved killings.

The first series was split into three parts and shown at 10 p.m., with a total audience of over 1,000,000. Many of the cases in this second series were recommended by people who had watched the first season and asked Emilia and David for assistance in spotlighting instances that were important to them.

Criminologist Dr Graham Hill will also be joining for the new run.

Ian Lamarra, Creative Director Alaska said: "It is always great for a smaller indie to get a returning brand. This commission is all the more exciting in that the first run achieved such a reaction that many cases in series 2 are based on viewer response. At a time when PSBs are being scrutinised, things like this underline their unique and important position."

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