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Friday 25 March 2022

Fred’s Last Resort Coming soon to E4

For most people, a glamorous, expensive hotel in Southern France combined with limitless sunlight sounds like a luxury vacation – but not if Fred Sirieix is involved. We're going to see a side of Fred we've never seen before, as he takes on his most difficult assignment yet.

Fred's Last Resort w/t (8x60') will see our favourite French maître d recruit 10 young people at a crossroads in their lives and throw them into a life-changing, highly demanding role in the exacting world of luxury, high-end hotel hospitality, giving back to the industry in which he made his name, and which almost buckled under the weight of a global pandemic.

Our new recruits will need to ditch the sweatpants and spruce up their appearance and demeanour, as they face a difficult path ahead.

The team will welcome demanding clients from all over the world who will expect nothing less than premium treatment. The team will be based in a stunning hotel on the French Riviera, where Fred himself trained as a teenager. Fred and his recruits must follow rigorous regulations and face a variety of problems in order to not disappoint, but will Fred be able to control his rowdy recruits and keep the hotel experience up to his high standards?

If the recruits make it through the season, they will not only have learned some very exclusive, new transferrable skills to help them succeed in life, but one of them will also receive a life-changing role, a sought-after internship at a top tier hospitality group. However, if any of the staff don't step up to the plate, Fred won't hesitate to say, 'au revoir'.

Fred Sirieix said: "The hospitality industry changed my life when I was just 20.  It taught me the skills for success. Last Resort promises to not only be a dramatic and fun filled series, but it will also give our young contestants an insight into the world of high-end hotel management whilst developing valuable and transferrable skills in hospitality. It's an opportunity that could change their lives, as it did mine."

Casting is now open: https://shortaudition.net/LR

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