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Friday 25 March 2022

New Documentary to tell story of Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall


When they were competing on the Strongman circuit, Eddie 'The Beast' Hall and Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson were buddies. That changed in 2017, when Hafthor challenged Eddie's World's Strongest Man victory, resulting in a social media brawl.

The video chronicles the narrative of a young man who struggled with mental health concerns and realised that severe kinds of exercise was his method of dealing with it, thanks to access to Eddie and his close family and friends. It will also look at what happens when you devote your entire life to a single cause, as well as the impact this has on you and people closest to you.

Nancy Strang, Creative Director of Development says: “It’s been a real privilege to be welcomed into Eddie’s life at this remarkable moment in his career and the journey to his historic showdown with Thor. Along with following his gruelling transformation from Strongman to Boxer our team have been given access to Eddie’s life at home, and to his family and loved ones, giving us a candid and fascinating insight into his personal life and the man behind the muscle. It’s a side of Eddie I don’t think many people will have seen before.”

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