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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Channel 4 has recommissioned Firecracker Film’s Open House: The Great Sex Experiment for a second series.

The second series will follow monogamous couples as they consider whether they might be happy together in an open relationship, similar to the first series, which spurred discussions about monogamy in modern relationships.

The couples will go through a number of intimate difficulties with the help of experts to see if having sex with other people is incompatible with sustaining their committed relationship.

Jes Wilkins,  Chief Creative Officer, Firecracker Films said: "I couldn't be prouder of  the impact that this series has made. It's harder than ever before to attract a big, young audience to risky new shows and we have achieved that by evolving the blend of purposeful and provocative factual entertainment that Firecracker and Channel 4 have worked on together so successfully over the years.  

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