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Tuesday 24 May 2022

The Dog Academy – a new dog training series for Ch4

This summer, Channel 4 will open The Dog Academy on behalf of the many dog owners around the country who are frustrated with their misbehaving pets. The series was made possible by the broadcaster's Global Format Fund, a ringfenced budget set aside to encourage the creation of innovative new formats by UK-based indies for both domestic and international audiences.

Our most difficult canines and their desperate owners will receive assistance from the Academy. Beleaguered owners will be taught dog management techniques and dog psychology by a sharp team of Britain's top professional trainers.

Dogs and their owners will receive separate training designed to help owners build long-lasting, positive relationships with their furry friends. And audiences will be offered a chance to see how dog and owner fare as they try to put their new skills to use.  Can the experts help them leave The Dog Academy happy, healthy and better placed to enjoy the rest of their lives together?

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