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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Charlotte Crosby in Sunderland to air on BBC Three

Charlotte In Sunderland is a brand new BBC Three reality entertainment show with access all areas into the unpredictable dynamic world of entrepreneur and TV personality, Charlotte Crosby showing her as she has never been seen before.

Charlotte is followed as she pursues her personal and professional goals in her hometown of Sunderland, while juggling the stresses of running her enterprises and preparing for motherhood with her boyfriend Jake. Charlotte's successful empire as a resourceful and self-made businesswoman, who has acquired a vast and dedicated youthful fans throughout her years growing up in the limelight, will be documented for viewers. Charlotte in Sunderland puts a focus on the North East and all of the things that make it such a unique place for Charlotte and her family, with Charlotte based in her hometown.

Charlotte Crosby says: "I am beyond excited to be bringing my crazy life, my business ventures, much loved family, future hubby and my precious bump to the BBC! I hope everyone's ready for the ride ahead!"

Issues such as family, love, friendships, money, health and growing up in the public eye are just a few of the challenges Charlotte faces, alongside balancing the incredible task of running a business whilst maintaining relationships with her friends and family and her boyfriend moving in. Charlotte in Sunderland will offer audiences an intimate view into Charlotte Crosby's world and how she tackles the issues many young women face and can identify with in everyday life.

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