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Thursday 4 August 2022

Jamie Oliver Productions to make two new series for Channel 4

Jamie Oliver creates one-pan recipes in Jamie's One-Pan Wonders (8x30'), the ultimate solutions-based cookbook for wonderfully simple and delectable meals that can all be prepared in a single pan, pot, or dish. The simple-to-follow recipes are answers for Jamie's family that we can utilize for ours, from brunch to lunch to dinner to dessert.

This new series, which features dishes from Jamie's upcoming cookbook ONE: Simple One-Pan Wonders, which will be available in September 2022, offers an inventive array of never-before-seen techniques, tricks, and hacks to make simple and delicious meals while reducing the amount of washing up. Even pasta dishes don't need a second pan to boil water in.

Jamie's One-Pan Wonders is packed full of dishes that deliver big on flavour with minimum fuss. From speedy 15-minute meals to low and slow dishes that let the oven do all the hard work, there are brilliant ideas for batch cooking and clever shortcuts to family favourites we all love to eat but don't always have the time to make. Jamie's One-Pan Wonders is the solution for anyone who loves delicious food but hates washing up.

In order to take us through the year in 2023, Jamie's Seasons (w/t) is an enormous, lengthy series divided into four parts: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. During each season, Jamie embarks on a gourmet culinary tour to highlight the British produce that is in season at the moment. Starting in the spring, Jamie will produce mouthwatering meals that celebrate the joy of the season by utilizing locally sourced, in-season ingredients. In order to eat properly for both ourselves and the environment, this series is all about consuming British seasonal fruit and vegetables and celebrating the finest that our nation has to offer.

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