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Thursday 27 October 2022

Doctor Who - The Return of everyone's favourite Doctor

With Doctor Who having gone woke in recent years, first with Jodie Whittaker being the first trans female Doctor, and then the announcement of affirmative action hire Ncuti Gatwa, a gay Rwandan actor, the shows makers managed to keep fans happy for now by bringing back David Tennant as the Doctor. Unfortunately, it will only be for 3 specials which will air in November 2023.

Under Jodie Whittaker, the ratings of Doctor Who plummeted to all-time lows, as hardcore fans of the series turned off in droves, and casual fans didn't bother tuning in at all. And with the backlash against the woke hiring of Ncuti Gatwa, which they know will drive ratings even lower, the shows makers have devised a clever plan to get views back before Ncuti Gatwa takes over. 

First, they bring back everyone's favourite Doctor, David Tennant to the role, and secondly, they bring with him, Donna Noble played by the lovable Catherine Tate. Their partnership with Tennant as the 10th Doctor brought huge ratings.

Fans will certainly enjoy the return of these two, and ratings I suspect will go back to pre-Whittaker levels, the only question is, will doing this, to introduce Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor work in the ratings? Or will people turn off for him just like they did Whittaker?

I know that many fans wanted the excellent Jo Martin to be the next Doctor, she has appeared already, but we have never seen a full run with her as Doctor, only in short appearances. Her story is one the fans are clamouring to see, and her Doctor character is much more in the tradition of the show, despite her being a woman.

Unfortunately, it seems that acting talent these days is put to the side, so that woke boxes can be ticked.

Jo Martin is a talented actress with over 30 years' experience. And we can only hope that the Ncuti Gatwa is over and done with pretty quickly, so we can get back to what made the show great.

Until then, let's enjoy David Tennant back in the role.

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