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Wednesday 12 October 2022

TRAILER: Souls - Sky Original


Today Sky revealed the official trailer for brand new Sky Original drama, Souls.

Allie, a pathologist in Stockholm, does everything in her power to keep her beloved pilot husband Leo from taking to the skies. Linn, 25, joins a cult in Berlin whose members, for various reasons, are eager to think there is life after death. After a terrible vehicle accident, Hanna awakens in a hospital in the middle of Germany and wonders how her 14-year-old son Jacob saved them both from drowning.

The fate of the three women is drastically altered when, a few days after the disaster, Jacob claims to suddenly remember a prior existence as the pilot of a vanished passenger airliner. Is he being truthful?

The series is led by rising star Aaron Kissiov ("The Wild Things: The Legend Lives") as Jacob alongside Brigitte Hobmeier ("Part of Us") as Hanna, Julia Koschitz ("Under the Pear Tree") as Allie, Lili Epply ("Ostwind - Ari's Arrival") as Linn, Aleksandar Jovanovic (“The Croatia Crime Fiction”) as Sebastian, Selam Tadese ("Snow Maiden") as Eddie, Godehard Giese ("Babylon Berlin") as Vincent, Abak Safaei-Rad ("Relationships") as Emma, Derya Dilber ("Wet Dog") as Mathilda and Laurence Rupp ("Barbarians") as Leo.

Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Music at CannesSeries TV Festival, the mind-bending series is coming to Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW next month.

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