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Saturday 26 November 2022

Prince Andrew: The Musical - Cast is revealed

Kieran Hodgson (How Europe Stole My Mum, Two Doors Down) leads a cast of comics in a satirical send-up of the life and times of Prince Andrew, set to a musical score from Kieran Hodgson and Freddie Tapner.

The storyline of the musical centres on the significant occasions, connections, and issues throughout Andrew's life. This includes a retelling of the former HRH's explosive interview with Emily Maitlis, portrayed by Emma Sidi (Starstruck, Pls Like.)

Munya Chawawa (Taskmaster, Race Around Britain) and Jenny Bede (Catastrophe, Murder In Successville) will join the main cast as Sarah Ferguson and Prince Charles, respectively.

Harry Enfield will portray Prime Minister Tony Blair, while Baga Chipz will portray Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Joe Wilkinson will play a newspaper dealer.

The hour-long musical extravaganza will feature seven original musical numbers, including 'I Nailed It' a high-octane duet set in the aftermath of the Duke's Newsnight interview; 'Will You Be My Ex-Wife', a romantic ballad sung between Andrew and Sarah Ferguson; 'Obey' a stirring solo number in which Prince Charles reflects on royal scandals past and present; and Andrew's rip-roaring finale 'You're Always Gonna Need an Andrew'.  

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