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Friday 4 November 2022

Sarah Beeny: Breast Cancer, My Family and Me - Coming Soon to Ch4

Documentary follows Sarah Beeny and her family as she undergoes treatment

Sarah Beeny was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, one of the 55,200 people who receive the same news every year.

On the surface it came as a shocking bolt from the blue. But deep down, it was something that she had been expecting for 40 years. As a ten-year-old girl, Sarah experienced the heart-breaking loss of her mother after her own breast cancer spread to her brain. Her mother's story and Sarah's own experience then and now forms the basis for this documentary, which follows her course of treatment and its effects, not just from her perspective but also from the viewpoints of husband Graham and their four sons, Billy (18), Charlie (16), Raffey (14) and Laurie (13).

Sarah Beeny says: "When I was diagnosed with breast cancer there was a moment where I considered not telling anyone in the world including my husband and children.  Three minutes later I realised that wasn't going to be possible and I was overwhelmed by the response I received – which highlighted that I was not alone in having long held a disproportionate fear of breast cancer.  So I decided to make this documentary about how far treatment has come in the last 40 years but also about how it still affects you and those around you both mentally and physically.  Ultimately, I want to take some of the fear out of the words 'you have breast cancer' and encourage people to seek help as early as possible, giving them the best chance of diagnosis and overcoming the disease."

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