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Tuesday 29 November 2022

TRAILER: Predators Narrated By Tom Hardy

Predators, a brand-new Sky Original series from Sky Nature, now has a first-look trailer. The historic five-part series, narrated by actor and producer Tom Hardy, will debut on Sky Nature on December 11, 2022. It follows five of nature's largest predators as they struggle for survival in the wild.

Each episode is focused on a specific predator in one part of the world. Tom Hardy narrates as the series follows the real life dramas of cheetahs in Tanzania, polar bears in Canada, lions in Botswana, pumas in Chile and wild dogs in Zimbabwe, as they are put to the test among the evolving landscapes and environment.

Fighting to protect their kingdoms in the wild, each predator is faced with unique obstacles and challenges in what is undoubtedly the ultimate power struggle to maintain their rule in the natural world.

These five fascinating creatures are hunters, parents, and survivors alike, embarking on a series of treacherous journeys in the wild. Their stories all point to a critical moment in their lives, as they fight to secure the future for their next generation in this thrilling quest for survival.

Brand new for 2022, Predators narrated by Tom Hardy is coming to Sky Nature 11 December.

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