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Friday 25 November 2022

TRAILER: Whitstable Pearl Series 2 starring Kerry Godliman and Robert Webb


We return to the stunning Kent coast for the second series of Whitstable Pearl, a gem of a show just waiting to be discovered. Kerry Godliman (After Life, Save Me, Adult Material) is back as the eponymous Pearl, a restaurateur who also runs a detective agency. She’s joined once again by Frances Barber (Silk, Mr Holmes) and Howard Charles (The Musketeers, Liar, Shadow and Bone) alongside a stellar returning cast and guest stars.

It’s six months on, and Pearl (Kerry Godliman) and Mike (Howard Charles) are just good friends. Mike has found a new vigour for life, and his pursuit of open-air swimming has led him into the arms of a new woman, Kat (Emily Head, The Inbetweeners), a sunny, outgoing, eternal optimist. Pearl also has a new person in her life, Tom (Robert Webb, Peep Show), a supply teacher, who’s the definition of a ‘nice guy.'

This series sees Pearl hired by local ex-soldier Dan Tomlin whose son has disappeared under questionable circumstances; Mike tackling a case involving his neighbour who says he has night terrors but Mike suspects there’s foul play and calls in Pearl to help investigate; and a woman despised by the locals who is planning to sell her mother’s beloved local pub to the highest bidder rather than sell it back to the community hiring Pearl to help find the perpetrator of a hate campaign.

Other cases include a 70s film icon (Stephanie Beacham) found at home unconscious, her housekeeper the prime suspect - but has she been framed? Strange things are happening at Pearl’s Mum Dolly’s (Frances Barber) home so she calls in her daughter to investigate. And when a bride is murdered at the wedding that Pearl is catering, she must put on her detective hat once again to find out who could have possibly wanted the woman dead...

Starts Monday, 28th November 2022


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