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Wednesday 18 January 2023

Acorn TV February 2023 - Schedule

Monday, 6th February 2023

Under the Vines

Series 2 Episodes 5 and 6 - Acorn TV Exclusive, UK Premiere, Complete Series 1 and 2 available

We toast the return of Under the Vines, the fresh, entertaining show full of dry wit and fruity undertones that follows an unlikely pairing of city slickers who inherit a failing vineyard in rural New Zealand.

Episode 5: We join the Oakley vintners on a bus trip to Queenstown where Tippy is speaking at a festival. When Daisy kindly gives up her swish hotel room to her pregnant colleague, this leads to her and Louis sharing a dodgy motel room. As Philippe's dubious dealings are about to be exposed, a celebratory dinner turns into a drunken night for Daisy and Louis.

Episode 6: As Daisy and Louis try and gloss over what happened in Queensland, they learn that Tippy has left thinking she's failed, but in reality, her new blend is a smash hit. As they prepare for the launch, Louis is inspired to declare his true feelings but is something about to scupper his plans? And there's shocking news that will rock everything to the core.

The Clinic Series 3

Fiona (Norma Shehan, Harry Wild, Bridget & Eamon) the long-serving receptionist, is missing her old boss Ed deeply and thinks the clinic is falling apart without him. She feels like she is losing control and is desperate to ensure that both her life and the clinic remain intact. Brendan's (Chris O'Dowd) inheritance of his Nan's house, worth 2.75 million euros, has just become official and the team want to know what he'll do with the money. Meanwhile, Patrick (Gary Lydon, War Horse, The Banshees of Inisherin), the resident counsellor, meets up with his ex-wife, while new GP Richard McKenna (Stuart Graham, Harry Wild, Hunger) is struggling to cope at the clinic and there's seduction and secrets abound.

Monday, 13th February 2023

After the Trial

UK Premiere, Streaming Exclusive

This thrilling murder mystery with a comedic touch follows four very different people who meet on jury duty. When the case is over, they start to wonder if the young woman they've declared "not guilty" is actually a killer... and they've let her walk free. Taking matters into their own hands, they investigate the murder themselves... turning their own lives upside down.

Monday, 20th February 2023

Family Law

Series 1 - Acorn TV Exclusive, UK Premiere

Meet Abigail Bianchi, a high-paid personal injury lawyer who's good at blaming others – particularly when it comes to her own problems. After Abby's husband kicks her out of the family home because of her drinking, she goes on a bender, shows up drunk in court and is sick on a client. The law society's punishment is swift. She's suspended, fined, and can only practice law again if she finds a senior lawyer willing to take her on and mentor her for a one-year probationary period.

The Clinic Series 4

Cathy and Dan are still at loggerheads, waiting for Cathy's father, Paul O'Callaghan's will to be read. Cathy is convinced that her father's share of the Clinic will be left to her and with majority power she will finally be able to oust Dan...

Monday, 27th February 2023

Candice Renoir

Series 5

After the devastating tragedy in the previous series, Candice is still in denial and tumbles straight into an accident. Did she return to work too soon or is she deliberately putting herself in harm's way? Does she still have the uncanny ability to pick out the tiny details at a crime scene that point to the culprit… don't worry… discriminatory companies, dangerous fundamentalists and thoughtless teenagers still have much to fear from our uncompromising detective.

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