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Saturday 18 February 2023

After the Flood - New 6 Part Thriller coming to ITV

ITV commissions six-part mystery thriller, After the Flood.

Starring Sophie Rundle, Philip Glenister, Lorraine Ashbourne, Nicholas Gleaves, Jonas Armstrong, Matt Stokoe and Jacqueline Boatswain.

Produced by Nicola Shindler's Quay Street Productions and written by acclaimed screenwriter Mick Ford

A deadly flood strikes a town in the mystery-thriller After the Flood. Police believe that an unknown person became trapped as the floods rose after he was found dead in a lift in an underground parking garage, and as the investigation progresses : The character of Joanna Marshall, played by Sophie Rundle, becomes fixated with learning what transpired to him.

Why does no one recognize him and how did he enter the elevator?

The mystery unfolds across the series while we also see the real impact of climate change on the lives of residents in this small town. The floods threaten to expose secrets, and fortunes and reputations are at stake. But how far will people go to protect themselves?

Sophie Rundle (Gentleman Jack, Peaky Blinders) plays police officer Joanna Marshall, Philip Glenister (Belgravia, Life on Mars) takes on the role of property developer Jack Radcliffe and Lorraine Ashbourne (Sherwood, Bridgerton, I Hate Susie) is confirmed to play Jo's mother, Molly.

Nicholas Gleaves (The Crown, The Rising, Bodyguard) plays Sergeant Phil Mackie, Jo's boss and surrogate father figure, and Matt Stokoe (Cursed, Jamestown) is on board to play Jo's husband, Pat.

Jonas Armstrong (The Bay, Floodlights) takes on the role of Lee, a seemingly heroic local man, and Jacqueline Boatswain (Carnival Row, Anansi Boys) is cast as local politician Sarah Mackie.

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