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Wednesday 1 February 2023

Andrew Tate documentary coming to Channel 4

Channel 4 have announced a documentary about Andrew Tate, but with this being channel 4, you can expect anything but an unbiased documentary, instead it will most likely be cleverly edited to paint a picture that the far left broadcaster wants to tell, in other words they will tell you "A" story and not "THE" story.

Here is what they have to say.

The 36-year-old ex-kickboxer and porn businessman Andrew Tate, who was born in America, became a social media sensation by mixing harmful misogyny with self-help strategies and get-rich-quick scams. On TikTok and Twitter, he amassed millions of followers—mostly young men—and as his fame grew, most platforms blocked him. Tate, who has never shied away from his success managing webcam porn stars, was detained by Romanian authorities at the end of the previous year on charges of rape, organized crime, and people trafficking.

Already you can see that Channel 4 are preparing their angle on Tate. What they wont tell you is that the girls that have been named as victims have already come out in SUPPORT of Tate and declared publicly that they are not victims. Channel 4 will also not tell you that Tate has NOT been charged with any crimes, and instead has been put in custody while they LOOK for a crime.

Watch this documentary only if you want to see how poorly the media will cover such a story, and will ignore journalistic ethics and instead try to sensationalise a story, instead of getting to the truth.

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