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Tuesday 7 February 2023

Does Sam Thompson have ADHD? He will find out in new E4 Documentary

Made in Chelsea star-turned-content creator and presenter, Sam Thompson is known for his larger-than-life, creative and high-energy persona. He's also known by those close to him for his impulsiveness, for forgetting appointments and losing not only his car keys, but those of girlfriend Zara McDermott too…

His fiancée, family, and friends have long claimed that he displays symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But Sam decided to finally get tested for ADHD and consider what a potential diagnosis may entail for him last year as he approached his 30th birthday. Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD?, a new 1x60' South Shore production, follows Sam as he finally addresses the theory.

Sam is interested in learning more about the disorder, late diagnosis, how this neurodivergence manifests in various people, whether it affects relationships such as his and Zara's, and potential treatment options. Is there a risk that Sam's career-centered inventiveness may change if he is diagnosed with ADHD?

With years' worth of questions swirling around in his creative brain, Sam is in pursuit of answers – meeting doctors and professionals but also others who have been diagnosed later in life, to find out how they navigate their own ADHD.

With exclusive access to Sam's life over this unpredictable period, complete with self-shot video diaries, this documentary will show us a rawer side of Sam as his behaviour is placed under a microscope.

Speaking about the documentary, Sam Thompson said: "As someone who has worked in television for nearly a decade, I've shared some of my most personal moments with the world. But nothing has come close to this. This documentary is the most vulnerable I've felt in front of the camera, as I wanted to be totally open about how I react to people in situations, and whether these could be linked to ADHD. It has been an incredible, and at times, scary experience, but by exploring what's been going on inside my head, I hope people can see that we should be more understanding before judging others. I also want to encourage people to learn more about themselves, and be proud of everything that makes them unique."

Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD? is expected to air on E4 soon.

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