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Friday 17 February 2023

Full Commission for Jamie’s £1 Wonders


Jamie's £1 Wonders, a special episode, was so popular that C4 ordered six 60-minute episodes of the series to air in the early spring. Jamie's £1 Wonders was his greatest primetime share programme since 2011, averaging 1.8 million viewers and 10.5% of all viewers, an increase of +81% over the slot average.

Jamie will provide viewers with useful advice that they can adjust to fit whatever ingredients are on hand or their own circumstances as well as dish ideas that can all be created for less than £1 per portion.

In the new six-part series, Jamie will demonstrate tasty, budget-friendly recipes for families, such as his version of a roast dinner, a fiery vegetable enchilada, and a hearty chicken pie. Jamie will invite guest chefs to share their knowledge and provide worthwhile recipes and advice from their personal cookbooks.

As each episode includes a recipe from a different chef, prepared in their own kitchen and featuring cuisines from Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Italy, and India as well as vegan and extremely low-cost recipes that respond to the rising costs of meat and dairy, this series will also serve as a platform for other great talent.

Jamie has also considered the cooking methods used to explore the most energy-efficient ways to make each meal. He’ll use the microwave to make a delicious chilli con carne from scratch; cook a pizza in a pan without the need to turn on the oven; use the oven once to make multiple meals; and offer a huge range of meals that use everyday ingredients in really innovative ways to keep costs down and flavour up.

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