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Social Media

Saturday 25 February 2023

NEWS: Social Media Murders streaming on ITVX from 02/03 & 09/03


2nd March

Episodes 1&2 of Social Media Murders Series 2

The four films in this second season centre on the victim, with social media messages and recordings.

The first episode is titled The Murder of Ashley Wadsworth; a teen Mormon flies around the world to meet a British boy she met on social media... But she is slain only eight weeks after arriving in Essex.

The second episode focuses on Mikey Rainsford's murder. In his own house, a popular young skater with a large social media following is killed. Merseyside Police discover Snapchat can help them find his killers.

9th March

Episodes 3&4 of Social Media Murders Series 2

Episode three focuses on the murder of Bianca Devins. A young woman in upstate New York is murdered and the killer posts footage of his heinous crime all over social media. Her family are sent the gruesome images of the crime before the police have had a chance to confirm what has happened. The family are then forced to battle social media platforms to remove the awful evidence from the internet.

Episode four is entitled The Murder of Alice Ruggles.  This is the chilling story of how a young woman was brutally killed by a calculating ex-boyfriend, who used social media and the internet to stalk and torment his victim, before taking her life in her Newcastle home. With previously unseen social media correspondence between Alice and her friends, family and the perpetrator the documentary explores how cyberstalking eventually led to murder.

Social Media Murders streaming on ITVX from 02/03 & 09/03

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